Are you clever enough to click here?

Some people deserve to click here , some don't. It's as simple as that. It's quite hard to earn the right to take this quiz but not impossible. Some amazing people can deserve to click here... Ok it's not that hard just give it a go.

Anyway can you be one of those amazing (lol) normal beople that deserve to click here? Give it a go and find out if you have the full authority to click here.

Created by: Morgie
  1. What is 72-8+9
  2. 11 squared
  3. 12 squared
  4. A pilot has 20 passengers,he drops 8 off and then picks five up,how much has he got In the plane?
  5. Guineapigs are from?
  6. Which is most unlike the others?
  7. The Olympics is a:
  8. Which is most unlike the others
  9. A square has four edges one side is 4 cm how long is all its Estes added together?
  10. How much of our body is water?

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Quiz topic: Am I clever enough to click here?