The impossible quiz no one can score high on

Can you ace my quiz? Can you get 100%? Probably its not that hard! Do you not want to find out? You can find out with the click o a mouse or touch pad with this quiz!

Can YOU get a perfect score on this fabulous marvellous quiz? Let's find out! Just answer a few simple questions and then read your result! It's JUST THAT EASY!

Created by: Mastermind
  1. How many fingers do you have on RIGHT foot?
  2. Is the answer to this question no?
  3. How many keys do you have on the computer screen?
  4. I am once a week, twice a year and never happen in a day, what am i? yes, most people know the answer.
  5. I am once a day once a year and once a nano second...
  6. what was the original purpose of the internet?
  7. How many planets of any kind are there in THIS solar system?
  8. Which american monument was painted the colour it is because of the attack and burning by Canadian soldiers?
  9. in which continent is the only language German?
  10. What colour am i thinking of?

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