impossible(but fun)quiz

there are harder impossible quizzes,i know. but do you have what it takes to defeat mine? you might be smart you might not!can you take on the impossible quiz?

you are smart if you can defeat this.if you score under16%,im sorry,you cant always win. do you have what it takes to pass the impossible quiz?you will soon find out.

Created by: sophie Stebbins

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  1. you are in a meadow. there are 4 trees to your left, 2 bunnies to your right, and you are standing on a small,red and white polka dotted mushroom like thing who are you and what are you standing on?
  2. i am a are next to me. we are looking for food. in what continent are we?
  3. i am are me.if this is true,and everyone is each other,how old am i?
  4. am i you?are you me?what is the answer to this question?
  5. there is a baseball cap with lots of letters on it. my sister has 4 volleyballs,and my cat is purple. what color is my cats kitten?
  6. ok...there are 4 houses 1 is 1 story the next is 2 story,the next is 1 story,and the next is 2 story if this is a street where everyone likes green, what is mr and mrs miiams' dogs collars color
  7. if a red house is made of red bricks,a blue house is made of blue bricks,and so on,what is a greenhouse made of?
  8. you are 9 years old,i am 4 years old how much older is a 4 year old cat?
  9. i boss you around.this is just the truth!you have an ice cream scooping job. you do,its true!you get free ice cream when you come,and get 5 dollars an hour.if you work 2 hours a day,who is your manager?
  10. a dog and a cat are fighting.the dog stole the cats catnip mouse.who wins the fight?

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