Is Modern Day Chivalry Dead?

There are alot of people in this world, but theres only a few that seem to know how to treat a Man or a Woman with respect. Theres people who try to be a Gentleman or a Lady, and just don't get what they deserve, or there's people who treat people like without any respect, and could use some, lets say, "polishing up"

Do you have any chivalry in you? Do you know how to give or receive the respect from others? Would you like to see where you might stand, with your veiws of what you think are respect and courtesy? Take this short quiz, and see where you stand...

Created by: Smilin' & Cryin'

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  1. If at the beginning or end of the night, You were told you looked Pretty or Handsome, how would you feel?
  2. If you had a "date" with someone, and the following day you were told "I had a good time, would you like to get together again"? How would you react?
  3. If you went out with someone, and they offered to pay for you, how would you feel?
  4. If you were somewhere in public, and the person you were with, Makes the attempt to go out of his or her way to open a door for you, or pull out a chair, how would you react?
  5. Heres a couple for you movie buffs...Do you know what the "Door lock test" is?
  6. Would you give someone, or look for someone to give you the "Door lock test"?
  7. And last but not least about the "test", If the person you helped into the car, actually reached over and un-locked, or made the attempt to un-lock your door, how would you feel?
  8. If you were feeling sick, or down, and someone sent you a little bouquet of flowers, what would be your reaction?
  9. At the end of the night, if you get dropped off, how does it make you feel, if the person waits until you get into your home?
  10. How are you as far as little surprises, like finding a rose, or a little letter when or where you least expect it?
  11. If it was bad weather out, and your partner offered his or her jacket, what would you think?
  12. Are you a person that believes that Chivalry can mean alot, and show what a person is about?
  13. And last but not least, Do you think Chivalry is dead?

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