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  • I have a crush on a boy called Jayden. He studies in my BFF's homeroom. I just started going back to school a week ago, and we have seen each other 4 times already. He compliments me for many things. Once I caught him looking at me and smiling. A girl in my class asked us whether we were dating. of course I told her we were only hanging out, but IDK yet, but I hope he likes me back. Today, he smiled and nodded at me in the hallway (he was with his sister). I'm dead :)

  • this is to mythgirl61 omg your crushes name is Gabe?cool.....I sit next to him in art class now and I gotta say...he seems comfortable around me I guess thats good...but hes really funny and really nice.but he does talk to himself...ALOT!but I take it as cute.

  • my crush's name is Chris, he's an amazing guy, he's in my drama class, he always makes me laugh, my friends think me and him would make a cute couple but i highly doubt he even likes me..=( i think he just likes trying to make me laugh..if he does like me why doesn't he just say's not like i'm going to get mad or anything..

  • *sigh. Got a weird crush on someone that's not even attractive but im just attracted to him and dont know why. He always tells me he loves me but i know i shouldnt believe him because he's player. Dont think he deserves me.

  • Mixed signals. Figures, since sometimes he wants to just be around me, and then at other times he just kinda doesn't care anymore...

  • Heh... I don't need to be told that he deserves me. The truth is he's far above my level in every way. I'm more worried as to whether I'd be good enough for him anyway.

    The Coldest Sun
  • My crushes name is Ethan! :D We have so much in common :P

  • I took this even though I have a girlfriend and it said she deserves me :D

  • It's probably true my crush doesn't deserve me but he's so hot I can't help but like him

  • :O I don't have a crush anymore.

  • Wow, I guess Zack deserves me, but I'm WAY out of his league, but he's my boyfriend....:D I love him sooo much..... ;) :*

  • my crushes name is Gabe too. He's sending me mixed signals. crushin on him since 3rd grade. in 6th grade now

  • yes Gabe deserves me.....YAY! Ive had a crush on him since the yr he came which was 1st im in 5th


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