Your Life At Camp Half-Blood (For Girls)

So I have been looking around this website and there aren't many quizzes about the Percy Jackson world that do the whole story: how you came to Camp Half-Blood, who your Demigod boyfriend is, your godly parent, your favourite weapon... Hopefully this quiz will let you know.

Remember, this quiz was made for fun and you may not get the result that describes you best, but it's hard to be accurate. Just enjoy it and embrace the character of your life in this world. If my Percy Jackson logic is a little flawed, please don't be annoyed at me. So... Who are you?

Created by: Ibanez244
  1. How are you?
  2. I know this gets asked a lot, but... Favourite colour?
  3. What would be your favourite mythical/fantasy pet? (NOT restricted to the Greek/Roman ones)
  4. Role Play: If a mugger jumped out at you with a knife and demanded all of your valuables, you-
  5. Role Play: You are playing Capture the Flag in camp... How do you get the opposing team's flag?
  6. Do you fear death?
  7. So... Is the quiz alright so far?
  8. Which would be the best superpower EVER?!
  9. Role Play: Your best friend just ate your sandwich. Without asking. What do you do?
  10. Select the cutest Pokémon:
  11. Which would you rather be:
  12. Which god/goddess do you wish to be your parent?
  13. Want to have a tragic back story?
  14. Okay, end of quiz!

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Quiz topic: My Life At Camp Half-Blood (For Girls)