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  • Your Result: Maria Smith

    You are Maria Smith, daughter of Apollo. You are tall, blonde and a master at musical instrument, archery, and medicine. You are a bright, happy young woman who came to camp half-blood after a rather unfortunate incident involving a terrorist squirrel. Your boyfriend is Alabaster Torrington, son of Hecate. He is unfortunately on the run from monsters and Demigods alike after he joined the side of Kronos,but he joined the losing side. Your favourite weapons are the bow and arrow, and a hidden dagger.

    Awesome :P. AND OH MY GODS!! I loved how for question five, on one of the answers you put "Misha Collins". I saw it and went "ahh, Supernatural!!" So, I would very much like it if Misha was my pet XD.

    Great quiz, by the way.

  • I gave you 10 stars because Misha Collins was an option on that one question obviously I really like him ._. xD

    But other than that great quiz!!

  • Olivia Roma! I like it

    Princess Giggles
  • Emma Hanley
    Nice! :)


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