Which kingdom of hearts charictar are you

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Haha um hey guys this is mainly for girls soo yeah any who this is also a story about you on their island I really hope you like it I put my HEART into this

SO NO JUDGING!!!!! Plus please rate and comment if you want the story to continue and maybe if you support you could get a shoutout a youtube video or more trust me I have my ways so please rate and comment

Created by: Marceline 101

  1. So imagine if you are new to the island they live at and kiari ,sora,and riku were there to greet you in your arrival what would be the first thing you do
  2. Bad news they don't have tv or Internet so practically no electricity
  3. Riku walks over to you he puts up his fist for a fist bump what do you do
  4. Riku for some reason gives you a mishchiveous smile sora just stares at him and you. What is your reaction to riku's smile
  5. Sora steps Inbetween you and riku sora challenges riku to a race he acsepts saying why dosent (your name) join them you
  6. You make up your mind by saying yes kiari jumpsin and says you guys can race at 1:32 cause that's around when every on is not busy so around 1:30 pm you and the guys race
  7. You deside to then
  8. You deside to then
  9. Sora just then knocks on your door to your room he then says hello (your name) are you in there you tell him it's ok he can come in he walks in your room which is full of tec
  10. What is this stuff asks sora you tell him
  11. Sora says well any way we are now gonna start the race early like about 2 mins.
  12. Now if you want to finish this rate and comment in at the end please thanks

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Quiz topic: Which kingdom of hearts charictar am I