What Does Your Best Friend Secretly Think About You?

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Have you ever wondered what your best friend thinks of you? Have you ever wondered if you two are truly best friends? Take this quiz. Take is now, what are you waiting for!?

I DON'T KNOW YOU AND YOUR BEST FRIEND THIS IS JUST A QUIZ. Thanks for clicking on this quiz. Enjoy my hard work. Hope you like, rate and comment. Take it now.

Created by: Nialler34
  1. How often do you to talk to each other? (Text, face to face, online, etc.)
  2. What kind of stuff do you guys do together?
  3. Imagine: You two are at the library and super bored. You're researching stuff for a school project. What do you do?
  4. Imagine: There's a school dance coming up. It's not formal it's just one of those dances you can have fun at and just hand out and do whatever. What do you and your best friend do?
  5. Imagine: You just had the best day ever at school. Your best friend was on a school trip the whole day. You're smiling like crazy and they keep asking you what's up. What do you do?
  6. Do you know when your best friends birthday is?
  7. Do you know what your best friends favorite color is?
  8. Do you know what your best friends favorite type of movie genre is?
  9. Do you know where your best friend lives?
  10. Think about the last four questions. (8-11) How many of them did you answer 'yes' to?

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Quiz topic: What Does my Best Friend Secretly Think About You?