Is He/She Really Your Best Friend?

You might wonder if a certain person is really your best friend, with this quiz you might get a rounded idea of if you REALLY are best friends. Or just do the quiz for fun!

Do you think you are best friends with this person? You might be or you might secretly not be.... Well, you are probably doing the quiz to find out, in a few minutes you just might!

Created by: OrganicPopcorn

  1. How long have you known each other?
  2. You know everything about each other?
  3. Do know his/her favourite colour?
  4. You guyes hang out:
  5. You know his/her siblings well:
  6. His/Her birthday is marked down on your calender:
  7. You know ALL of his/her crushes (if he/she has one):
  8. You call yourselves:
  9. Is your `person` scared of anything?
  10. Do you think you guyes are best friends?

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Quiz topic: Is He/She Really my Best Friend?