Supernatural: Sparks Flying pt 4

Part four! Released on valentines day! :D hope you enjoy reading this, sorry it took a while to post. I am busy with school and all, so.... :D anyway, plz rate and comment. stop reading this if you are so lol

:D Part four! Released on valentines day! :D hope you enjoy reading this, sorry it took a while to post. I am busy with school and all, so.... :D anyway, plz rate and comment. stop reading this if you are so lol :DD

Created by: awesomecuziam

  1. The long awaited part four! (LOL) Okay maybe not long awaited but lol anyway. So, this is part four, where you discover.... Ehhhh. Never mind. You'll see! If you'd kindly stop reading this and go to the next question...
  2. "No, really, you need to eat!" Jason said, giving you a little push between your shoulders. "But-" "But we're training today, it should be rather long until sunset, and Randy said we wouldn't do any lunch breaks until three." He said, pushing you toward the table. (Your thoughts: Ugh.... No lunch breaks?! What kind of a suckin'-ugh. I wonder what ________ is doing...)
  3. You sat down beside Naayla and she grinned at you. "Hey, _______, morning!" "Morning." You replied with a slight smile. "You okay?" "Yeah, I'm fine, just a bit..." sighing, you started on your eggs without another word. You were still pondering ovr Taylor. After breakfast, (you'd eaten pretty quickly) you escaped outside hoping to be alone amidst the wild things that surrounded your home. Upon hearing a rustle, you turned quickly, and who do you think you saw?
  4. A pair of sparkling purplish-yellow eyes were staring at you. Sighing, you beckoned to him. "Come. What do you need?" "Oh, um.... ____________, see, I.... Well... I have a crush on you. And this might sound really stupid but... Iwantyoutobemygirlfriendplease?" You giggled at the way he said it and shook your head with a slight smile. "Sorry, but I'm dating Kau. He.... Is in my group. Maybe, but..." "It's okay, I understand," he said, hurriedly jumping back over the bushes and disappearing into thin air. You glanced at your hands, squeezed tightly in your lap. "Was that really...." You trailed off and stared at the sky.
  5. You weren't staring for a long time yet before Randy found you and picked you up. "Randy," you whined; "I'm not the baby you used to carry around!" "Maybe not, but still my little sister." he said, tightening his grip on you. "Waaaaaahhhh!" You pretended to cry. "Put __________ down!" He laughed and shook his head. "You'll steal my blade again." "Will not!" "Will too. Now, cooperate, or I'll have to give you a punishment." Muttering muted threats, you scowled and crossed your arms. Soon you two were at the training grounds, where everyone was waiting. With a yowl, you scrambled out of Randy's arms and dashed up a tree. "Darned kitty," You heard him say. "__________, come down!" Laughing impishly, you leaped into the air, doing a backflip just before you toushed the ground. Kau's eyes widened as he stared at you. Will grinned and bit his lip. Jason sighed. (me: Heeheehee, looks like the guys are in total love. Like it?)
  6. "Who's gonna go first?" Randy asked. Naayla jumped to her feet and smirked. "Me, Naayla Faye." Blushing, Randy flipped his black hair out of his eyes and bit his lip. "Yeah, come on." You leaned over to Will, seeing a chance to make fun of your overprotective brother, and with an impish laugh, whispered: "He has a crush on Naayla." Will grinned and looked at you adoringly. "And I have a crush on you." You blushed and pushed him playfully.
  7. Randy overheard and glared at you. "Hmf." You giggled and stuck out your tongue at him. Training wore on, and nothing exciting was happening really, until there was a rustle in the surrounding bushes. You had been switching seats, so you were now leaning closer to:
  8. Out of the shadows stepped four black-clad figures. You could faintly remember one of their faces. It was the Dark Force. "Why are you here?" Randy asked, stepping a few steps closer. The tallest one, their leader, laughed evilly. "We want to take the three young men there." He pointed to Will, Kau and Jason. "Not without a fight," Randy said, his eyes blazing dark red, the color of blood. "You asked for it, fool!" The leader said, pulling a blade from the shadows. Will's eyes bugged. "How-" "They are the Dark Force, they can pull solid items out of shadow and dark things." You explained. "Fan Battle formation!" Randy commanded, taking his place. You quickly explained the formation to the guys, and took your place. "Want them?" Randy taunted, glaring at the leader. "Yes we do!" The leader yelled, glaring.
  9. Within a few seconds hte formation had been broken and everyone was scattered everywhere. You and Naayla stood back to back, protecting each other in case someone tried to kill you by stabbing you in the back. "Time to die," you growled, glaring into the amber eyes of a Dark Force Warrior. "Not yet, I don't think so," he replied with an evil smirk. "Hmf." You replied. "Oh?" suddenly you felt a searing pain in your leg, and you couldn't hold yourself up anymore. Naayla picked you up and carried you to the bushes, but her talents were useless with this. Suddenly Taylor appeared beside you, hastily told her to go and fight, with a warning to nto tell anyone he'd been there, and took the knife out of your knee. "Why are you here?" You asked. "Not important right now." he said.
  10. Kau was beside you in a second, and he took you in his arms, giving Taylor a 'back off' look. "Bye," Taylor said quietly. He did a couple of handsigns and disappeared. "Hmf." Kau said, possesivly hugging you. Suddenly you both heard a shrill scream, and stumbling to your feet, saw Randy slumped over Naayla. There was a puddle of blood around her, and Randy's eyes were dangerously gray. Before you could move, your arm started to hurt, and turning, you saw... CLIFFHANGER!!!
  11. Well that was part four. hope you enjoyed! Um... HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!! :D if i didn't spell that right let me know!! :) alsoooo, im not making a special for v-day, becuz firstly it'll be late and secondly i don't believe in it. sorry! oh, and btw, a girl emailed me asking me to make a seven minutes in heaven for the charries. I don't know about that, but if i get enough responses then maybe i'll let someone make it for me.... Im squeamish with that sorta stuff. -nosebleed- but again, that's still a rough idea. not these aren't all the boys in the series yet, so ha :D anyway, rate and comment plz! email me at moon_drop_stella@yahOO(.)com (fix the caps if u email me)

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