Supernatural: Sparks Flying

Okay! my first quiz series! kkz: little explenation: you are the by ten minutes younger sis of your brother Randy. You and your friends make up a group of 'outcasts'. You have alot of powers; you can do telekenesis, telepathy, field forces, you can make things freeze and make fog appear to protect you and your friends

yes that's it. I cant think of anything else to say. :D PEACE LOVE MUSIC DRACO MALFOY IS SUPER HOT NO IDEA WHAT TO SAY DD: well thats it bye keep shining.

Created by: awesomecuziam

  1. Kkz, quick word before you read the story. This is my first series; plz dont be mean. I will post as much as i can when i can ASAP. :) is you have any ideas plz post them on my comments. Also, if you end up hating your results in the end, vent on your notebook or toward your best friend. not my comment box. Thanks!
  2. "_________! You up yet? It's six thirty, hurry, we have to get to school!" you woke up with a start as you heard your older brother, Randy, calling from his room. He sounded quite muffled; you guessed he was getting dressed. "Yeah, Mr. Bossy. You woke me up, thanks. I'm getting ready." you dashed around your room, which was over looking a lake. Seeing you weren' getting anything done, you sat back down on your bed and used telekenesis to bring your clothes to you. After getting dressed, you and your friends: Naayla, Ashleigh, Chase, Jordan, and of course, Randy, headed to school. You are a few of the first people to get there. You are laughing quietly with your friends, for Naayla the mind reader is reading teh teacher's minds and making jokes about their thoughts. There is a breeze blowing toward you and the group, and you sniff.
  3. You scented human, more human.... And an unknown scent. You pushed it to the unknown corner of your mind and peered through the gloom to see who the scents were coming from. "Who are you looking at, _______?" Randy asked, poking your shoulder. You blinked; you were lost in thought. "Umm.... Scented something. Over there."" you pointed with your chin at the direction the scent was strongest when you turned. "Eh? Oh... that smell. Yeah, human, human, shapeshifter." Chase lowered his voice when listing what kind of creatures were sending the scents. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the people sending the cents emerged out of the shadows. There was a blonde haired boy who looked like the leader of them; a shorter one with blueish-green eyes--with black hair falling over them--that seemed to have flames inside of them; and one with shaggy brown hair and black eyes you would have sorted into the jock stereotype if it wasn't for his emo cut hair. (your thoughts: Hmmm, so the blonde is presumably their leader; the shorter one is probably emo, and the other one is caught between emo and jock.)
  4. Randy seemed to know them. "Kau! Loooong time no see!" he ran forward and he and Blueish-green Eyes did a high five. "Hey Randy," the blonde said. "Hi Will." Randy grinned a huge grin and also high fived with the other two boys. "Jason, I haven't finished sabatoging your science report. Keep it hanging there, please." You lauhed and watched at your brother talked with the three boys. He obviosly knew them from somewhere. (Your thoughts: Kk, blondie equals Will, bluegreen eyes equals Kau, and black mophead boy equals Jason. _________ is cute!"
  5. Finally, Randy led the three over to you. "Everyone, these are my friends: Kau, Will, and Jason. Umm... Kau--" he jerked his head toward sea eyes (soz but my bff wanted me to call him that... laugh:P) "is their leader. This is Jason, and this is Will." You smiled at ________ and winked. Will was looking at your reflectively, Kau smiled back, and Jason blinked then crossed his eyes. You erupted in peals of laughter.
  6. "Hi, ______" Jason grinned. "Hey." "Anyway, Kau, why are you here?" Randy asked, glaring over his friend's shoulder at a posse of cheerleaders. "Well... we were wondering if we could join your... pack." Randy looked thoughtful for a moment; you stared off into space, thinking:
  7. "Yeah sure you can join," Randy finally said, snapping you out of your thoughts. You grin and look at the ground. Beside you, Naayla giggles. She must've read another of the cheerleader's minds, then. "Wow, Ashleigh, you really are are determined to ruin that report?" Your thoughts:
  8. *flashforward to lunchtime* "Hey, Randy, mind if we sit by you?" Kau threaded his way through the crowded lunchroom and looked at my brother questioningly. Randy nodded, his mouth so full it looked like he was going to be that way for ever. Will sat beside you. "Hi." you said. He stared at you and sneered. "Donlt think of talking to me." you junped a little at his icy response. "Okay...."
  9. "So, ________," Kau looked at you with his endless bluegreen eyes and smiled slightly. "Tell me about your self." You grinned back and shrugged. "You can see I'm not the most popular kid at school, but that's fine. I, uh, can do field forces. That is my favorite power." Kau grinned. "Awesome." Jason stopped staring at the ceiling and looked at you. "How come everybody always talks to Kau and not the awesome wonder Jason?" You giggled and said:
  10. Jason shook his head and laughed. "Whatever. Used to stuff like that. I guess Kau is a little cuter and stuff...." You smiled and finished your salad. Just then, you smelled a strangely icy smell coming from the hottest corner in the lunchroom.
  11. Okay m'dears!! I am stopping it here! i promise i will post ASAP. :DDD anyway, rate and comment, thankiez!!! :DDD

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