Supernatural: Sparks Flying pt 2

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Kkz, there's gunna be quite a lot of scary parts in here. Don't blame me, you wanted something to make you cover your eyes and read through your fingers. :P lovelotz! --Stella

Created by: awesomecuziam

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  1. Okay m'dears!! Part two! y'all asked for it; I gave it to you. Yepperz. Anyway, is this edition, you will find out what the weird smell is. Also, you and Will get to talking a bit more. Here you will also get to explore your powers more often. And find one you had no idea you possesed.
  2. "_________? Are you okay?" Randy waved his hand in your face with brotherly concern flashing in his brown eyes. You blinked and glanced at the corner of the lunchroom again. "Y-yeah. Fine." You stole glances at the corner, but saw nothing or anybody unusual. Finally lunch was over and you all headed back to your classrooms. As you were taking your seat in algebra, (did i spell it right?) you scented the ice smell again.
  3. (FSTFORWRD 2 When you all are walking home) You were walking a little farther from the whole group, including Kau and Jason. You were still pondering the smell of the ice cold burning thing. Suddenly you felt a light touch on your shoulder. You looked up quickly, eyes turning a surprised hazel. It was Will. "Oh! Will! Hi.... What do you need?" You tilted your head inquiringly and kept walking. "_______, I just wanted to apologize for snapping at you and sneering... I have a really big secret, and it's weighing me and my spirits down." he shook his head and it looked almost as if the arrogant-on-the-outside blonde had a soft side after all. You:
  4. "You can tell me, Will. And you're forgiven." He smiled and for the first time you saw mischeif and childishness in his endless blue eyes. "So... Do you want to tell me or...?" he chuckled. "Maybe later. Jason is glaring daggers at me. See, the secret involves him, too. So..." he shrugged. "And he hates to be embarrassed." he finished, chuckling a little again. You smiled and focused on the path heading into the forest where the little cottage you and The Organization lived. (I am not copying Naturo or however you spell it; kk? My sister came up with that name and she made me keep it.) Soon you were at the little cottage. "So, this is the place you li-" Jason was cut off when Chase, the best tracker of you all, sprinted past him and threw the door to the house open. "What happened, Chase?" you asked, peering carefully over his shoulder. The sight that greeted your eyes made you nearly fall. The place was a mess! "What happened?" Naayla forgot to read minds this time. She always forgot when she was very excited. "There might be someone still in there, hiding." Jason said, who had come on to Chase's other side so he could look. Ashleigh sniffed and frowned. "No, the invaders left a long time ago." She turned in all directions, sniffing again. "They're not near either. They left this place in shambles! What arrogant fools. We'll track them!" her orange eyes flashed at the thought of excitement and she gave a little jump. Randy shook his head. "No. We have to clean up, that's all." he pushed past you, heading for his bedroom to check on the Organization's rooms, but he stopped in the middle of the living room, sniffed and turned around, his eyes white. "Step back," You warned to Jason, who was about to sprint forward and sniff as well. "He's furious. He's prone to hurt anyone who comes too close to him when he's like this."
  5. His eyes slowly turned to a calmer, though still angry turquoise. "______... They took the Diamond..." Randy was frozen with shock, and you shook your head. "They couldn't have!"
  6. Kkz, a little explanation. The Diamond is the stone that holds your most important powers. The one that has it will instantly have the power. You still have all your other powers except the one you are best at.
  7. You tried to make a little flame in the palm of your hand, but nothing happened. "You're right! Naayla, can you still read my mind?" Naayla frowned slightly, confused, and said: "What is going on? Is this just a dream?" That was exactly what you were thinking. "But can your still read my-anyone's-mind?" You snapped, eyes turning hot pink. "Yes." Naayla said. "It only works on you, most probably, becuase you and Randy are family. The others are just friends, right?" Kau said, frowning and staring off into space. "Yeah, must be it," Randy said. "What ever it is, we have to get the diamond back!"
  8. Suddenly Randy looked tired and he shook his head. "Whatever. Right now, let's just clean up." Chase dashed around, picking things up and straghtening the curtains. "Our rooms are untouched, by the way." Naayla said.
  9. Rand stalked off in the direction of his room and after a few minutes you could hear him cursing. Not unusual; he said stuff like that once in a while, but now you could tell he was really mad. You were too, but not enough to cuss. "______? You okay?" Ashleigh glanced at you inquiringly. "Yeah, perfect." You muttered. Since you didn't want to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, which was in this case; in your room where Randy could easily storm out and start blaming you for begging to let Kau and his friends stay, you went outside, telling everyone to leave you alone. You climbed up to a big oak tree which had always been your favorite since you were old enough to climb it. "So my fire is gone," you muttered, trying to push a flame, even a tiny one, from your palm, but it wouldn't work. You sighed.
  10. You sighed again and stared at the moon, wondering why this kind of life was yours. "How come I didn't just have a normal life? Huh? Why? Am I bad enough to deserve this?" you muttered quietly, on the verge of tears. Suddenly, a twig cracked in the darkness. You lifted your head and peered into the shadowy forest, but you couldn't see anything.
  11. Okay m'dears! I am stopping it here. I will post the next quiz ASAP!! please rate and comment; don't hate; if you want to vent toward your notebook and don't litter my comment box with cuss words. Thanks! Oh, and if you want, email me at [no emails] thanks!

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