How well do you know Sparks The Rescue??

Are you a sparks the rescue fanatic??? Did you buy all of their songs on itunes and go out of state just to see their concerts??? Or do you have no idea who or what sparks the rescue is. find out here!!!

First of all. I don't own any of the lyrics, titles or people except for nonsence things you may not seem familiar with. Second. Have fun. This quiz does not determine stupidity. Just a quiz to have fun. Last. Don't get stressed because you got a fail. Its just for fun.

Created by: xxalesanaxx

  1. Sparks the Rescue is from....
  2. Which song is this???: "This could be our one last chance, to finally rise up. So here we, stand and here we will fight."
  3. Sparks the Rescue was first called _________
  4. Which song is this?: "Instead we're drinking margaritas in the snow."
  5. Sparks the Rescue's album published in 2005 is.....
  6. The band member that left STR __________ _________ changed the band's sound from screamoish to more powerpop.
  7. Sparks the Rescue's first record label was....
  8. Sparks the Rescue's songs are mostly written by ___________ ____________, but then the other members add or change parts.
  9. Sparks the Rescue's logo consists of...
  10. FINISH THE LINE: Think back think back to the summer time I would cross through these state lines you were always ______________________
  11. Fill in the blank "You're the gravity that pulls me down. I'm a _____________ crashing through to the ground."
  12. Which is NOT a song by Sparks the rescue?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Sparks The Rescue??