Supernatural: Sparks Flying pt. 3

Okay! Part three of the epic series! Lol! I guess that's a bit silly. Sorry it took sooo long to get this up; but I was busy. I will defenitally be posting more in the summer, during break.

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Created by: awesomecuziam

  1. You finally made out the outline of your brother. His brown eyes glowed slightly in the darkness. "Hi bro." you said, still looking up at the moon. "I hope this isn't hard on you sis, losing the diamond and all." "It is, but we can still survive." "True. Anyway, goodnight, sleep soon. Tomorrow we're training." he gave you a little peck on the cheek and went back to the cottage.
  2. "Pshhh," you muttered. "What's the use of training when we aren't going to get the diamond back? Might as well kill myself now." "Don't do that, it'll crush me." a voice said from below. You looked down and saw Jason standing under the tree. In one leap, he was sitting beside you. "________, ever since I met you, I fell in love." he blushed light pink, and shrugged. "But it's true. You're the most beautiful girl I've ever met." he brushed a lock of your hair out of your face. You giggled and smiled. "Awww, thank you. But I think I'll just take it slow okay?" he nodded and jerked his head up when a howl ripped through the night. "Oh! __________! I gotta go, really sorry!" he stood up and leaped off the branch, as light as a feather. You climbed down too and went to your room thinking about:
  3. Before you reached the cottage, which was about four yards from the tree, Kau tapped you on the shoulder. "Hi Kau," you said. "H-hey, um, ________, are you free Sunday?" You thought about it. "Uh, I dunno, 'cuz usually we're training and stuff. If it goes good, yeah. Why?" He blushed crimson. "I-I-I like you and... Willyougooutwithme?" he bit his lip hard and stared at you expectantly, growing redder every second of silence. "Uh, go out with you? Sure." His red face instantly brightened. "Thanks! I'll see you!" he pecked you on the cheek and spun around, to race into the night. You giggled like a ten year old and continued walking back to the cottage.
  4. "Hey! _______! Look at this!" Naayla said when you entered your room; she was sitting on the floor, flipping through a little green book. "What's that?" you peered over your shoulder. She shut it and gave it to you. "Oh! This! I.... Thank you, Naayla," you smiled and blew off the dust, resulting in a gigantic sneeze, but also golden letter sparkling in the soft light of your overhead light, reading 'My Diary'. It was your mother's long lost diary. "Your welcome, I was up in the attic this morning looking for something. And, found this." she hugged you and left for her own room. (Fastforward to midnight) You were sitting in front of the fireplace, reading your mother's diary. The blue letters sparkled slightly. You were just about the finish the page when a voice startled you: "________? What are you doing up at this hour?" you turned, holding your ice dagger, and stared into the sleepy eyes of a confused Randy. "Oh! Bro! I... was, um, reading." you put your dagger down and showed him the diary. "Oh."
  5. He sat down beside you and put his arm around your shoulder. "Mom's diary." His voice cracked a bit; he missed her as much as you. You buried your face in his chest and hugged him. "I want them back too, you know." he whispered, hugging back. "Yeah." (Your thoughts: Maybe we can see them again.) he heard and shook his head. "You didn't. If you're killing yourself, what will happen do you think?" You sighed and looked at him, eyes a sad-looking shade of purple. "That's right." something whizzed by and a clattering sound was heard. "What was that?" Randy jumped to his feet, quicker than a cheeta, but quietly. You listened. "Sit! Pretend to be asleep!" you telepathized to him. He nodded and collapsed into the chair, beside you. For extra protection, you threw out a feild force in the form of a bubble around you and Randy. "Heh, asleep." a rough voice said. You felt breath on your cheek and wished your firepower hadn't been stolen. Randy gave a soft snore. "Shoot, Kishaki already took it. No business here, then, boss." another voice answered, of a much younger male. "Then what are you waiting for? Come on, Tay-fool." "My name's Taylor, and you know it!" the younger voice complained. A mere snort answered, and two pairs of feet made their way outside. Five minutes later, silence ruled the house once more.
  6. "I'm going to see who it is!" You said, jumping up and grabbing your ice dagger. This was no surprise to Randy; you were usually the more reckless one. "_______! Are you sure you--" "I'm gonna be fine!" you telepathized to him; you didn't want the other person to hear.
  7. (Your thoughts: Heh heh heh, this'll be fun!) You peered into the shadows and saw a pair of big, purplish-yellow eyes glaring back at you. "Show yourself!" you cried, almost in a singsong tone. Adventure always made you giddy. Not giddy enough to be crazy, though. The eyes blinked, and you glared. "Oh, seriously, you don't wanna fight with little old me?" you taunted. That got the person's attention. "I'd never back down!" a boy about your age, whose eyes were indeed purplish-yellow, jumped out of the shadows and spun the blades on his fingers. "Nah just kidding. I couldn't kill someone like you." he winked and put the blades back in his pockets. "Meh... I'm Taylor. Taylor Woodson." You smirked and folded your arms, keeping a tight hold on your dagger. "I'm ________ ____________, sister of the infamous Randy __________." He smiled and lowered his eyes. "You're pretty, _________." You snorted and shook your head. "Look, are you gonna attack, or what?" "No, I'm going to go back home." "Fine." you pouted and launched yourself into the sky, landing in your room.
  8. After that, you fell asleep. When you woke, it was ten o'clock in the morning and the house was quiet. You didn't notice a sinister shadow lurking in the corner. What you did notice was Taylor, perched on the windsill, watching you with a dreamy look in his eye. "Ehhh.... Hi, __________." he grinned. "I probably shouldn't be here, judging from the look on your face." "No, you shouldn't, and you've made a big mistake coming here! This is private property, and you have no right-" you were cut off when he gave you a peck on your bottom lip. "What was that?" You asked, eyes red. "I'm sorry, I couldn't stand all that yelling. It hurts my ears." You smirked. "IF YOU DON'T WANNA HEAR ME SCREAMING.... LEAVE!!!" you roared, even louder than usual. Poor Taylor covered his ears and leaped out the window.
  9. You giggled at his actions, then went downstairs to cook breakfast. "Morning, __________." Will yawned, walking into the kitchen, stretching, his blonde hair turned orange and gold by the sunrise. "Good morn," you smiled at him and he immediatly blushed. "About that secret I was gonna tell you," he said, leaning on the counter, watching you with a slight smirk. "Yeah?" You rummaged around the fridge for the eggs. "Well... I lied. It has nothing to do with Jason. Just me, and lies, and...." he trailed off. "You can tell me," you patted his shoulder comfortingly. "Thanks. Anyway, I had a brother before. I was nine when this happened. I'd just come home from school when I found my brother standing over the dead bodies of my parents." Tears began to make their crooked paths down his cheek. "I asked him why he did this, and he told me he didn't know why. I'll never forget what he said. 'I love them too, Will, but I can't explain why.' Then I saw the look in his eyes; he was controlled by the Dark Force. I ran away, for my life, and found my older cousin. She was kind and took me in. Then a couple years later, I came back home and the Force was waiting for me. They'd killed Caterina, the only one who cared for me after my brother killed my parents. I ran away and ended up here." Tears were flowimg freely by now.
  10. You hugged him and squeezed his hand. "I'm an orpahn too. Rnady and I." he forced a smile through his tear-stained-face and began setting the table. "If there's anything else you need me to do, please say so." he said after putting the last plate in order. "Um, well...." you hesitated. "If-GAK! Choking!" you were cut off by Randy hugging tightly. "Morning little sis, d'I scare you?" he asked, sitting down at the table. Soon everyone was sitting at the table, and poor you was cooking more eggs. "Hey, _________," a voice cooed behind you. You turned around, still stirring the eggs. It was Jason. You laughed. "Hi." "Hey. I'll finish the eggs for you. Go ahead and eat." He took the spoon from your hand and smiled. "Thanks, I'm not really hungry though...."
  11. Okay, I'm stopping it here because if I go further, well.... Never mind. Hope you enjoyed this edition of Supernatural: Sparks Flying. The second chapter is coming out in probably three weeks or so. Depends. Also, I have a bit of news. I haven't mush inspiration around me, soo.... If you have any ideas it'd be best to send them to [no emails]. And I have a question: should I make the quizzes longer? Thanks for taking the quiz! BAI!

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