are i like-able?

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would we,could we maybe get along? would you hate my guts>.. would you love to be my friend? take this quiz it wont hurt.. to much,but try it anyway,

okay second paragraph this quiz could only get better with comments so please comment and enjoy i hope you get a good score and that you live long and prosper

Created by: skatterbrain

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  1. first-clothes i can be seen in dark blue polo shirt of some out dated Tshirt dress pants or denim and work/hiking boots
  2. im a kid at heart i like toys dart guns,army men,action figures ect.
  3. i like making my own super heros and have over 200 and still going
  4. i don't like waisting things i'll ask for no sides at restirount so no food is waisted
  5. i like old movies (black and white)
  6. my room looks kinda like a carnival soler system on sealing, old car door panels on walls ect.
  7. sometime i so lonely i pile clothes in the bed to act like someones there
  8. i still sleep with the blanket i had when i was four
  9. lets try this reality shows
  10. 80s rock music or hip-hop
  11. anything rated R lauguige tattos/pircings drinkins adult entertament
  12. im a freak.
  13. the morals are like a pink biker (it aint there)
  14. daughtry or T-pain
  15. okay i give you a realy big non edible gummy bear

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