Nissan Skyline Test

Cars are great and another way to find out how much you know about cars and the mechanical aspect of them is by taking this test if you are a guenius then try to get a high score it wont hurt to take it so give it a try?

Do you know the nissan skyline like i do? take this test to see how much you know about the car, even if you take it just for fun it wont hurt to take it .

Created by: edgar
  1. What engine model does the r34 have?
  2. When was the r34 introduced?
  3. How much horsepower does the r34 produce?
  4. How much torque does the r34 have?
  5. The r34 does 0-60 in how many seconds?
  6. The r34 top speed?
  7. R34 style brakes?
  8. How much does the R34 weight?
  9. Is the skyline legal in the U.S?
  10. country of origin?
  11. The skyline name originated with the________company?
  12. The GT-R abbreviation stands for?
  13. Which is better?

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