is this car funny?

this is my first quize so try and be nice but honest if you're into scented candles this might be funny but don't get your hopes up its not well done...

i ment to say car TRIP sorry fo false advert.TRIP TRIP TRIP... have some fun if you can with this i'll see if i can do better next time around... 0

Created by: skatterbrain

  1. your car brakes down the only thing is to get a ride from Bucky buckys car is a mess (are you with me so far?)
  2. buckys car is a mixed matched pile of other cars welded together and painted odd colors
  3. bucky two other friends are ask you which spot you want bucky-driver
  4. first you see a bottel of "pepto bismall"/pink stomatch healing stuff is this funny
  5. your driving down and something stinks bucky friend says light a match his other friend says no don't you'll just anger it
  6. beeing scent man.your asked to open the glove comp. out roll seven different scented candles other friend says candles?!why don't you just buy fourhundredthousand tictacks and drive into the ocean to activate them?..(bucky)let me write that down
  7. can i have a candle? bucky friend asks you hand him one he spits his gum in it to recharge the flavor and keeps chewing
  8. buckys other friend take a pale orange candle smelles "dude this one stinks it smells nothing like peaches" "you say its its not peach scent" (its orange)
  9. bucky picks one up this is called "freash cotten linnens drying on a warm summer day" other friend picks it up smells "it smells like cookie dough" (unefected by its name)
  10. bucky picks out a red one lights it and asked for a blue one bucky says the both stink on there own but together its great
  11. okay sorry about that i ment to say car TRIP... this is my first quiz and i relly don't know about all this

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