How Funny Are You???

Are You Funny? This quiz is to help you with being funny and to find out how funny you really are. Enjoy and have fun. (some questions are random and point less)

Do YOU Think You're Funny??? Or do you think you aren't. This quiz is to give you advice and see how funny you really are. It will only take a few seconds and bingo. Let's see if you're funny!!! ;)

Created by: Bernadette

  1. How Do You Make People Laugh?
  2. You Make A Joke But No One Laughs. What Do You Do?
  3. You See A Kid Crying. What Do You Do?
  4. What Joke Will You Use To Make Others Laugh
  5. What Do You Think Of When You Hear The Word "Joke"
  6. Ho Ho Ho
  7. This Question Is Random
  8. You See A Person Crying In The Bathroom. What Do You Do?
  9. Help!!!
  10. Do You Think You Are Funny???

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Quiz topic: How Funny am I???