how happy n funny are you?

Do you think you are happy, or funny, or both?? If you do please take this test to find out for yourself just how awsome you are! A funny and happy person is easy to spot and are the sort of people you want as friends!! =D

Do you think you are able to become a funny, happy and well loved person, at school work and home???? you should take this quiz to test how cool you are and get practising soon!! =DD

Created by: beany love
  1. what do u like 2 do in ur spare time???
  2. what is your favourite type of programme or tv show??
  3. what would you do at a talent contest???
  4. what is your favourite animal??
  5. what would you do once you got rich and famous??
  6. how many times a day on average do you think you smile??
  7. What makes you laugh??? i mean properly, laugh????
  8. do you own a car??? sorry needed to build up 12 questions!! =D next are serious..
  9. click the lower box if you think you are funny!!! or the one below for random
  10. have you ever made a joke and noone laughed??!!!

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Quiz topic: How happy n funny am I?