SHHHH. . . Can You Keep My Secret? Part 2

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Everyone is not fully prepared to come clean and tell you what they need to, some are ready but some are still hesitant. You meet someone new he's either a person you like or can't stand in some ways.

But all is well and good everything will work out like it always does, haha very funny. Nothing seems to work out at times but the question is will this time be the same as every other time?

Created by: CountryGurl4Eva

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  1. Raine's P.O.V I felt horrible for purposely hitting Faithlyn in the face with my locker. I truly did. But she can't know where we were going, why we were going there and personally I just wanted answers. I thought no one had seen me hit her until Julian walked up. Julian. I despise him-no I loathe him. He's conceded, rude and not to mention the fact he has no respect for anyone but himself. Once he got close enough for me to hear his whisper he hissed at me "Subtle way to do it, Raine. The next thing we need is for any 'outsiders' to get involved in this little ordeal." I gave him one of my famous death glares and he rolled his amber eyes at me in return. "Look, I got the job done and no one asked you to be a condescending idiot." He ran a hand through his quiffed black hair and smirked at me. "Ok, well Im gonna pretend that you didn't say that." And with that he winked at me, scooped Faith up and walked out the door as I rolled my eyes and followed.
  2. Faithlyn"s P.O.V. I begin to wake up with a faint throbbing in my head, I only remember turning around to hear Raine better and nothing else. I am starting to wake up more to the point where I can sense that there is no ground under me just two supports on my back and in the back of my knees. I am starting to awaken from this haze that I'm in and I hear faint voices, one that I recognize as Raine telling someone that I think she is calling Adrian or Julian, something "ian." I start to open my eyes and immediately shut off the little light that came from the tiny bit I opened them from the intense throbbing pain and feeling of blood pounding on my skull that I was now awakened to.
  3. I sense that I am being set onto something, I am aware now that it is extremely comfortable and someone is now putting what feels to be blankets on top of my body. The first words I hear clearly are from Raine, "Is she starting to wake up Julian?" So his name was Julian after all, "I don't know Raine, even if she is we should let her rest for a while." "Whatever you say." After a few minutes of just laying there listening to nothingness I feel a cold presence come in contact with my skin, it is clearly wet and rough. I then hear Julian, talking to no one specific say, "There that cold wash cloth should make any pain she has go away or at least subside it a little bit." Then I hear footsteps begin to grow faint and a door shut although I know that Julian has left I still feel that someone is in the room, I'm probably just paranoid, believing this and with the pain subsiding I let out a breath of release and doze off into a slumber that I can control.
  4. As I begin to slowly to come out of my daze I still feel the wet cloth on my forehead, but no pain. I slowly tried opening my eyes and succeeded, I looked around the room at the ivory walls with crimson lace border in amazement, it was truly a spectacular room with modern yet elegant details. I swung my feet over the edge of my crimson canopy bed and rested them on the wood floor, I started to walk to the door and when I reached for the handle it was so beautiful I was afraid to touch it. It was gold with beautiful engravings on it with such an intricate design wrapping all around everywhere on it. I eventually did touch it and turned it until I saw a hallway with the same beautiful design of my room giving it such a welcoming feel. I walked down the stairs and couldn't believe my own eyes.
  5. I come around the corner of the staircase to a sight that I couldn't believe. Raine actually sitting there watching people do stupid stuff without ridiculing them for it. Wait a minute I know those guys jumping off the banister, it's Trent, Gavin, and some other dude that I actually don't know. I crouch down and lean against the wall watching them to please my own amusement until I realize that they probably think that I'm dead. I get up and begin to walk down the stairs again, the one I don't know is the first to notice me as he is about to jump off the banister, "Faithlyn oh hey. How are you feeling?" "How do you know my name and who in the world are you?" I grab some pointy thing in a vase by the fireplace pointing it at him as he jumps. Everything from then on happens in slow motion His knees bend with the impact and he stands up, he slowly waltzes his way over to me and starts pushing away the pointy thing and telling me, "Now now pretty girl let's not get too hasty." I reaim the pointy thing at him and say, "Well thanks for the compliment mister but I'm not so pretty on the inside. Now tell me who the heck you are before you see my nasty side." He takes the pointy thing from me and throws it on a nearby couch and tests me with a british accent I didn't catch on earlier, "Now what do you have princess." I walk up to him and slap him right across the cheek and say, "That was for you from the princess." He turns to look at Raine and with a thicker more natural british accent says, "Now I like her." I simply stand there and smirk while his cheek is turning more and more red every second.
  6. "Well princess I am Julian your rescuer." Is the next thing that comes out and I know it's him because i know the other guys and it has a british accent with it. "Well. . . hi and thanks I guess for saving me but I think I can handle myself on my own from now on." I turn to Raine and start on a rant, "Where am I? Why am I wherever this is? Why are Gavin, Trent, and other dude here?" He decides to bud it, "It's Julian." "Oh well." Raine turns to me and says we are waiting on Noah and then we all need to tell you something very important about us and yourself." Right as she says that I hear Noah scream from behind me, "Faithl!!!!!" "Noah I'm so glad you're hear it's time to tell Faith." "Ok then let's sit her down and tell her." "But Noah it isn't just that easy." "Yes it is we just tell her we're not lying have her sit down and tell her." I interrupt with a scream, "GUYS THE 'HER' IS RIGHT FREAKING NEXT TO YOU!!!!" I hear Julian but in his comment, "Dang princess bites twice." I just ignore him and sit down like Raine is gesturing for me too. She starts off with, "Faithlyn there's something you don't know about us and it affects you too, we are all. . ."
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Quiz topic: SHHHH. . . can I Keep My Secret? Part 2