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  • TAKE MY QUIZ!!!!!
    "Guys, I'm waiting for a certain amount of people to take my quizzes and my partner and I won't update until we get that number. Please take ..."
  • TAKE MY QUIZ!!!!!
    "OBEY THE TITLE!!! please *cute 3 year old cheeky grin*"
  • TAKE MY QUIZ!!!!!
    "I know I saw that thank you so much Sim"
  • TAKE MY QUIZ!!!!!
    "Hey guys, sorry I haven't been on here a lot lately, I've been on Wattpad a ton recently. I posted the second part of my love story quiz "SH..."
  • "kk I'll tell you my username and real name tommorrow when I wake up bc I'm going to bed and hey sim i took your quiz don't worry."
  • "I can't see it it says "[no emails]""
  • "ok what's your email"
  • "@lovehorses99 what do you mean you've left, bc we can plan more privately through Wattpad, that and I'm just genuinely confused about this a..."
  • "@lovehorses99 off topic sidenote will you help me with my Wattpad story"
  • "I totally agree, strangely I love learning about the Holocaust, World Wars, etc."
  • "Hey @lovehorses99 how are you, we haven't takled in a while."
  • HI :)
    "Still no correct guesses but I'm going to be goodnight everyone."
  • "Thanks to everyone for all the super amazing support."
  • HI :)
    "Good morning guys"
  • HI :)
    "Still no correct guesses, come on guys put some effort in"

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