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Welcome to the forty-third part of my first story quiz! If you haven't already read the others, you might want to, so you can understand the story. I am SO sorry for being away for such a long time. I always meant to come back, but I wanted to come back bearing lots of goodies for you all, so I kept postponing the release. I realize now that I should've just posted as soon as I could rather than worry. For that, I'm sorry! Also, results this time were a little rushed, so sorry!

Again, really sorry! Thank you so very much if you're reading this - whether you're a new reader or an old, I thank you. Thank you to the new readers who are willing to give my story a chance - even with the massive amounts of text and numerous flaws. Thank you to my old readers for sticking with me. That you're still interested is worth the world to me! ♡ I included a very broad summary of the story so far in the first paragraph and a more recent recap in the second. They turned out longer than I meant, but I hope they help!

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  1. Broad Summary so Far: In times long ago, supernatural, immortal, and magical beings populated the earth amongst humans. To keep the peace, a human with immortal powers is born every thousand years. They are the ambassadors, the counselors, the judges, the Milia. All was in equilibrium until Theodoric, the Milia of the second millennium of the common era, began a series of strict restrictions on the immortals and his wife, a vampyress, left him. Filled with hurt, he directed his anger at the immortals, calling upon all his power to create an alternate reality, anchoring this new world into a charmed medallion from whose power he took from to imbue 4 necklaces with power that he could give to his followers to carry on his goal of imprisoning all immortals into a separate world from humans. Fast forward to the future, _______ is identified as the new Milia and begins to recognize her worth in the midst of a war - a war between those who want to release the immortals and those who believe the power should not be in their hands. The added danger this time is that those waging the war are the the descendants of the immortals, and, for the first time, they're able to morph into a form that allows them to use the powers of their ancestors.. _______ is brought in, trained, and lives with the side who believes that the ability to release the immortals would be detrimental in the hands of Blake, the leader of the other side. The leaders of the resistance are his cousin, Jack, and his aunt, Luna, and it's a race between the two forces to gather the four Spirit necklaces to activate the Spirit Medallion and have the Milia either break down the created world of her ancestor and release the immortals or separate their world from Earth forever.
  2. Recap: After successfully stealing a Spirit necklace at Blake's masquerade ball and learning that Emilia was actually a double agent, you and the team begin packing to leave the mansion before Blake's forces, informed by Emilia, come for you. Luna has a plan. Charlie and Kalia's team will will go to Russia to race Blake's already-established team to finding another Spirit Necklace while Oceana's team will go to the Caribbean to investigate a possible Spirit necklace down there. Jack and Kris have decided to take your team to Russia while Lacie's team, Kalia's team, and Marisa's pack are yet undecided. You're all packed up and ready to go. Kris even helped you bring your luggage down from upstairs, and he even opened up to you and told you a bit about his past. Stella comes back, just in time, with that boy, Russel, from the bowling alley who she seems a bit romantically interested in. Something about him though, seems oddly familiar. You're helping Luna, Jack, and Stella with some last-minute packing in the lab when Kris, having just interrogated the captive from Logan's pack, comes in to tell Jack that the captive will not speak until she can see the Milia.
  3. ~ "So the hostage is a girl?" you note, trying to run through your memory at any girl who could've wanted to talk to you. A flash of wicked light blue eyes and fiery waves of red hair pops into your mind, and your anger kindles. Could it be her?
  4. On second thought, Petra seemed like the kind of person who would hate to do others' orders, and the idea of sneaking into a house, without the appeal of any drama, probably wouldn't appeal to her. Whoever it is, though, you want to know what they could possibly be holding out on for you. You tell Jack this, and his brow furrows, "I don't think it's best. She's vicious, and it'll be unsafe in so many ways, _______... I think she's been on or forced on instinct for too long," he warns, "There's not even a surety that she actually will talk, _______."
  5. "It would be taking a lot of risk without knowing if there will be any benefit. You can't risk yourself for nothing, _______," Kris speaks up. However much the guys protest, you still refuse to give in until Jack finally gives in with the stipulation that he'd be nearby the whole time. Kris says nothing, though at least he didn't storm out again.
  6. Jack brings you to the gym, unlocking two heavy padlocks and chains before unlocking the door. He pushes one open, and it hits the wall with an echoing, ominous thud that sinks down through your very core. The gym is lit only by a single overhead light, which is large and luminous enough to make most of the gym dimly lit at least. Featured in the spotlight is a sitting girl, still dressed in the black suit costume of Logan's team, with black hair and red highlights that seem to melt down her head like a permanent blood stain in the harsh light. She's blindfolded, and her slight body is restrained by heave chains: the arms are handcuffed behind with a chain attached to a peg in the ground, each ankle has a cuff that is attached to the ground in opposite directions.
  7. Jack grabs your hand and gives you a reassuring squeeze as he walks you into the room, leaving the clanking noises of someone relocking the door behind you. About midway in the distance toward the girl, the noises stop, and all you can hear are the slight pounds of your steps and the much louder pounding of your heart as waves of warning and anxiety begin to build up in you. A low rhythmic noise begins to fill the room, increasing as you get closer and closer to the girl, until you're close enough to see her wide open mouth, her flashing fangs, and you realize that she's laughing at you, near manically.
  8. "How rude! I can hear you trying to talk about me while I'm still in the room, but of course you already knew. As for this new girl, though, I can hear her heart fluttering like a dying bird ... - " the girl interrupts herself with a short bark of laughter, "The Milia, of course, that's who she must be. You actually brought her! Excellent. Now leave, please." Jack swiftly pulls you behind him protectively as his great golden wing flares into existence.
  9. "Ah, the fizzle of magic. How... ex-CITING," the girl growls almost tenderly before she breaks out into fits of manical laughter again. It's unnerving how unfazed the girl is at being trapped like this in an enemy's house. Jack murmurs to you, "_______, don't transform. If anything happens, stay behind me and away from her." The girl stops laughing abruptly again and requests, "Milia, come here."
  10. Even without Jack's whispered urging of "don't", you've already make your decision not to come any closer. Instead you call out, "Who are you and why did you say you wanted to talk to me?" "Oh, to finish my job, terminate you from the Earth, and collect my well-deserved reward from Logan, of course," the girl bluntly states, "And so you can give credit properly, I am Kiki, alpha female to Logan."
  11. The familiar name once again hits your heart hard with shock and guilt as you struggle to believe in the connection between the wasting, frail girl of Logan's dungeon and this new psychopathic blood spiller. Only dimly are you aware as Jack hotly berates the girl for threatening to kill you. Your mind keeps running by those tortured, blazing gray eyes of hers the day of your escape, when she made you promise to kill her if she was transformed into a monster by Logan's venom. You couldn't see those eyes now, but you didn't need to if they looked the same as they had at the party: merciless, but still intense, almost painfully so.
  12. Because you're so wrapped up in your thoughts, you realize what's happening too late. A chain latches around your ankle and pulls you toward the girl, Kiki. Somehow, she managed to loosen one of the pegs in the ground enough to release one of her legs, which she must have kicked out to entangle you. Jack gives out a shout and suddenly there's a windstorm within the room, but Kiki opens her mouth wide, 2 dangerous fangs, shining with venom, hanging over your skin. A drop of venom lands on your bare skin, and you yelp as it sizzles. Jack takes the hint, and the storm calms, though you can tell he's still deeply upset.
  13. "Let's take a look at your memories, now, shall we, to see how to best get you under my control?" Kiki grins, but soon starts jerking as if she had a seizure. The anti-magic rod must be working. You don't know what prompts you to get over your fear, but you find yourself offering, "I'll give you what you want, Kiki."
  14. "If you want memories, I'll tell you," you say, nearly stumbling over your words in their nervous rush to be expressed, "I remember when I met you. You were barely holding onto your life and your sanity. Logan had been keeping you in his dungeon for a year, and his venom was working through your veins. You were still fighting though; you were strong. Do you remember?" "Stop..." Kiki's entire demeanor has changed. She's breathing heavily as if afraid or on the run from something. Still, you continue, "You were such a strong-willed person. You fought and fought to stay alive for a whole year against him. You can't have succumbed to the venom fully, if I know you right." "You... don't... know me... at all. I... don't remember," Kiki gasps out.
  15. "You don't remember? Logan was your enemy. I was in the cell next to you. You had a cellmate named Aliss-" "Stop!" Kiki screeches out, though it sounds half-strangled, lost in what seems strangely like a sob, "NO. NO. NO. Not her!" Kiki continues screeching half-garbled words until she finally stops and starts rocking, absent-mindedly drawing large bloody runs into her arms with her teeth, apparently forgetting that you're there.
  16. You're too shocked to do anything initially as Jack untangles you from the chain. Once you're up though, Kiki's face turns upward, deadset on you. Her whole body shudders as she slowly, torturously, reaches her joined hands up behind her, bending and popping her joints in all the wrong places. She pushes her blindfold off to reveal those intensely sharp gray eyes of hers. Her face is set and serious, and her eyes are riveted to yours, plainly showing hatred. They don't budge a millimeter as she utters two familiar words...
  17. "Kill me."
  18. ~ It's been a long, long time, but here it finally is: Part 43. How was it? Please, tell me in the comments. I've missed you all so much ♡ Also, I have a question I think you all would be quite adept at answering. I'll type it in the comments! Like always, who do you like?

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