Don't leave me hanging part 41

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Welcome to the forty-first part of my first story quiz! If you haven't already read the others, you might want to, so you can understand the story. I'm SO sorry it's been forever since the last update, a little over 2 months, but I've been busy with school, college, home, family, etc. The picture off to the left is a little hint to a little bit of a big event that's going to be coming up soon! You'll find out about it in this part if you haven't already heard about it, so happy reading!

Recap: You were drawn into the immortal's world by a fallen angel named Cain where you get some answers from Dominic on the history of the Spirit Medallion. However, Dominic sends you back with a promise to assist you when something called "The Council" is alerted. Back at the house, you go to the meeting only to find that Luna dispersed it already because Logan is rumored to come. The source of the infomation is none other than the long absent Owen.

Created by: xxblutixx
  1. All is silent for what seems like a long moment. Out of the corner of your eye, you see Kris giving Owen a long, scrutinizing look, but Jack speaks first, "Owen, it's nice to see you back. Oliver, Logan, and the rest didn't give you such a hard time, I hope?" Owen seems to let out a relieved breath when he turns to Jack, "They were pretty mad, but, no, nothing out of the ordinary." You notice as Owen's eyes stray over to you, and his eyes flick down to look at the ground, his brow attacked with instant worry. In response, Kris's hand slightly tightens around yours as his fingers curl up.
  2. Jack seems not to notice as he continues on, "So, what's this news?" "Logan called a meeting for all security personnel and split us into groups. Some will stay back to protect the base in case you plan to attack there next, but all the rest have been told to ready for a fight over here," Owen reports. "With most of our people already here, normally, I know we would fight, but there's something I meant to bring up at the meeting today that makes the odds a little more skewed..." Luna cuts in.
  3. Jack turns to look at his mom, his hand leaving yours in the process, asking uncertainly "What do you mean...?" "Well, I had wanted to talk it over as a group, but since that's been done away with... we know the locations of two of the necklaces. The problem is that one of the locations comes from what Blake has been looking into, so he has people there already, and, as for the other, I detected it only because there was an extraordinarily unusual pulse of energy emitted there today. Somebody or something has reactivated that one," Luna gravely informs you all.
  4. "Now, now, don't look so worried all of a sudden. I took steps already and sent off teams to each location," Luna assures, "Charlie has agreed to bring her team to the first location, the one with Blake's people, and Kalia is, at the moment, discussing the issue with her team. If they accept, they too will be going up with Charlie's team. Oceana's team, on the other hand, is going to the second location to investigate the source of the energy spike. Marisa's pack has agreed to follow soon, and so, you see, the accessory teams have been split evenly. Now all that's left to do is to decide where you will lead."
  5. "Where are the two locations?" Jack inquires. Luna opens her mouth to speak, but Kris speaks up before she can, "I don't think it matters. The one we need to deal with first has to be the one that Blake knows about. We can't let him get another because it will be even more difficult to take back than this one was." "Oh, if you feel so strongly about it, Kris... Jack, do you agree?" Luna inquires. "It sounds reasonable to me. I'd rather not have a rerun of last night's heist either," Jack admits. "Then it's settled, it's off to Russia!" Luna announces.
  6. Luna, Jack, and Kris gather off to the side to discuss the details of the trip, so you're left with Owen and Justin. "Is it really all the way over in Russia?" you ask, and Justin nods, "Yeah... it's really all the way in Russia." "Oh, Justin, but you're not going to be allowed to come, are you?" you suddenly realize. He looks a little disappointed, "Yeah. I doubt that will happen since I've been gone without explanation this whole weekend. You should go out and show those people that the Milia is the boss, though, _______." You laugh, "Okay, I will for you, and I'll send you a pictures, and tons of postcards." "Much appreciated," Justin smiles.
  7. You look over at Owen and, noticing that he's nervously fidgeting, attempt to include him into the conversation, "So are you going to Russia too, Owen?" He just shrugs looking down at the ground at his shuffling feet, and you remember about last night, and the argument you witnessed between him and Emilia. You wonder about what happened, though you're unsure how, even if, you should bring the topic up.
  8. Owen's head suddenly snaps up in attention, his eyes closed, and the chain necklace around his neck glows. He must be recieving some message from Blake's team. You watch as the expression on his face sets in stone as if he was hearing some kind of inescapable bad news, which worries you. What worries you more is when Owen's eyes open, and he quietly announces to you and Justin that he has to leave.
  9. "But Owen, you just got here, didn't you? What do they need you for?" you ask, confused by the abruptness of this information. "I just should get back. I don't belong here anyway," he mumbles. You're about to protest the point when Luna comes up behind him, "Oh, but you MUST stay, Owen! I thought we agreed that with what happened last night, it's far too risky to have you in as a sole agent. What did they call you for?" Owen pauses before he reluctantly admits, "Emilia wants to explain. She says it's not like it seems."
  10. "We need you here, Owen. I know, it's a little callus, but you understand, don't you? We can't take any chances. If you want to hear what she has to say, we'll set aside one of the guest rooms for you to stay for a while and talk to her, through that necklace of yours. Please try to understand, Owen, we don't want to lose you," Luna earnestly replies before anyone else can open their mouths, and you have a feeling that her timing was deliberate.
  11. Owen looks down into Luna's upraised, earnest face and bobs his head in the slightest nod before she jumps up, with the glee of a small girl, "Excellent! The room next to Marisa's is yet to be claimed, so if you need a quick nap or some space, that'd be the place to do it." Owen mumbles out a "thank you" and enters the house. As he passed you, though, you thought he paused for the slightest moment, parting his lips as if he was going to say something, yet at the last moment, with a flick of his head, shading his eyes from you, he had decided against it and continued on.
  12. You continue to stare at the house with a small frown on your face, even after Owen's no longer visible. "Can we trust him?" you hear Jack ask behind you. Turning around, you see that he's addressing Luna. "Really, Jack. I thought I had taught you better to look with your heart rather than just your brain, no matter how effective it's been in the past. You're the leader, and it is your responsibility, not mine, to decide what becomes of your team. Now don't ask me silly questions and tell me how long your sister plans to stay out," Luna says.
  13. "Stella's out?" Jack asks, his brow furrowed by concern. "Gone off with some friend or another and not answering her phone! Eva and Max went out to find her, but there's so very little time for little things like this," moans Luna as she paces. Finally, she throws up her hands, exclaiming, "Ah! I can't just stand here and worry. I'll be in the lab to pack, and I advise you all do the same. Oh! Justin, I've spoken to your parents and... convinced them that you were allowed to go with us to bring _______ to a certified snowwitch in Russia to heal her spirit, so that's your story if anyone asks. School's out in a few days anyway, so you won't miss much. Lodging and fare will be covered for you as for everyone else in the team," Luna assures a shocked-looking Justin.
  14. "Oh...okay... I guess I need to go home to pack then. Thank you very much, Luna. I'm sorry for all the trouble you have to go through to organize things," Justin replies, but Luna waves him off, "It's nothing, dear, but do pack soon and say your good-byes because we'll need to haul everything out of here before they can get a whiff of us to track us. Oh, if only Stella were here!" Luna totters off, mumbling and fretting under her breath.
  15. "Justin!" you shout happily, squeeze hugging him, "I'm glad you'll be able to come with us! Saving all that money for postcards, you know?" Justin laughs and hugs you back, "I'm glad I won't have to spend the first part of my summer vacation alone. Just... wow... Russia. I've never been. That will be very interesting." "Yes," you agree, "Let's promise to enjoy the trip as much as we can while still getting everything done. A vacation is exactly what we need. Right guys?" You turn around to address Kris and Jack. Kris nods, and Jack smiles, "Of course, _______."
  16. "So, Justin, is Stella really out?" you ask him, worried by the degree of stress Luna is demonstrating. "Yeah. I don't think she had much sleep; that guy from the bowling alley was texting her, and they set up a date," Justin responds casually, "I don't know when she went out, but she should be back any moment now." "Stella has a boyfriend?" Jack asks so cluelessly that you have to laugh, "You have to keep up with the news, Jack! It's not yet there, though. This is their first time getting together."
  17. "How old is he? Does he go to your school? What type of guy is he?" Jack questions, but you stick a tongue out at him, "Don't be going all protective brother on me. I'm not telling." You cross your arms and deny every other question Jack asks, until he finally gives up, sighing, "Some girl code, huh? Fine, I'll trust your judgement then. Still... I'd like to meet this guy..." You just shake your head at Jack's persistence, smiling to the side at how his brotherly instinct passed out his role as team leader.
  18. You notice that during the whole exchange, Justin and Kris were just standing in the background. Inwardly, you sigh. They didn't even try to make conversation. You would've thought after all this time and hardship spent together, the guys would have gotten over their indifference to Justin, but, apparently you were too optimistic. You'd have to think of something to do...
  19. "I just remembered!" Jack exclaims, smacking his forehead, "We completely forgot to discuss what happened to you, _______, while Luna was still here." You shrug, "Well I guess I might as well get it over with." "_______, something happened? Are you okay?" Justin asks, suddenly all alert.
  20. "Yeah, Justin, it's... nothing to worry about. It was just weird. Here, I'll just explain it to all of you," you decide and proceed to tell the guys about your experience, the strange golden angel, the Whispering Woods, Lillith, Cain, Dominic, the last Milia, the Council, and Lillith's last outburst. The guys listen attentively the whole time, with Jack's reaction acting as your meter to gauge which parts you should spend more time on and which you should abbreviate.
  21. When you're done, Jack is the first to speak up, "I wish it weren't so unpredictable and risky all the time you have to speak with them. If only you could take at least one of us with you, there might be a better chance of you not getting taken advantage of or even attacked by some of those people. It makes me anxious." "I'm not very comfortable with it either," you admit, "But I need to go there. It's central to this whole fight, and... it's my duty. I'm the Milia. I'm supposed to be the link between their world and ours." "That's true, but don't feel like you're obligated to pick up the pieces from the last Milia. He really messed up badly. As long as you feel you're safe, I trust your judgement," Justin comments.
  22. "_______, you're still new to this. Don't take more responsibility if you're not ready for it," Kris argues, "They shouldn't be doing this; it makes me wonder at their motive." "I don't know either, but..." you hesitate, wondering how much the guys actually have against the immortals, "I get the feeling that they're not all as bad as I thought they'd be..." "This is too soon to trust them," Kris abruptly interjects, cutting a look to his opposite side, away from you, "I should go pack up. There's a lot of stuff I have to deal with." With that, Kris walks off, hands in his pocket and head down, black hair hiding the blacker mood that seems to be building inside him.
  23. You're half-wondering whether to run after him when Jack speaks up, "Don't worry about him, _______. I think being back among all of Blake's people and the mentioning of the immortals just brought back some bad memories for him." "Are you sure he'll be okay, Jack?" you ask, glancing back at the house, even though Kris has long gone inside. "He's his own person, and, as I'm sure you already known, he doesn't share many of his thoughts. I just know that he doesn't like to talk about his past," Jack says, shrugging.
  24. "Oh," you reply quietly, realizing now that you actually don't know anything about Kris's past besides what Jack has told you, and all you knew from that was that Kris used to be a part of Blake's team before he followed Jack out. "Well, I should probably get going, so I can get to my house and back in time," Justin offers, "I wonder how in the world Luna has been able to convince my parents to do so much; you know how they are, _______."
  25. You were wondering that too as Justin's parents were, even though they were really friendly and cool most of the time, a little overprotective of him. You shrug, "Luna has mysterious ways. Remember, she's Stella's mom, and the apple never falls far from the tree." Justin laughs, "You're right, _______, as always." You hug him, "See you soon, Justin. I'm so excited!" He hugs back, his simple phrase of affirmation tickling your ear, "Me too."
  26. After Justin leaves, Jack looks to you, "Since everyone else is, I guess we should start packing too, _______," Jack suggests. You nod and walk with him into the house, but you're acutely aware of his silence and the way his eyes seem drawn to the ground constantly. Remembering what Stella said about Jack faking being okay, you decide to ask, "Jack, is something wrong?" He looks up, widening his eyes and looking startled out of some deep revelation, "Ah, no. Sorry, I wasn't talking; I was just thinking."
  27. "Stella was right; you're a bad liar," you tell him, "If something's bothering you, I want to hear about it." Jack sighs, running a hand through his dirty blond hair before he answers, "Nothing's particularly wrong that you don't already know. It's just... I've just been feeling a little more anxious than usual. I'm sorry if I've been coming off as overbearing on you or more authoritative than usual."
  28. "Don't worry about it," you tell him, following up with a question, "Are you anxious about particular somethings or is it just everything in total?" "I guess it's just everything in total," Jack attempts a small laugh, "Ever since yesterday morning, and it just kept building, as you can imagine." "You just need to relax and worry less," you advise. He cracks a smile, "And you? You don't have to worry about me like this."
  29. "Hey, if I don't do it, who will do it nearly as well as me," you laugh, "I'm just kidding; Stella and Luna do quite the complete jobs of worrying about you on their own and even more so together." By now, you've reached upstairs and have just stopped in front of the entrance to Jack's room. He turns to look at you, thoughtfully tucking a strand of you hair behind your ear, "No, nothing would be complete without you."
  30. Kissing your forehead, he turns to enter his room, and you walk up the spiral staircase to the third floor landing of your room in a daze. It feels like it's been a while since Jack had something like that to you, and you almost thought that the closeness you had shared before was nothing but a pleasant memory for yourself.
  31. ~ And that's a wrap for today! It was a tad shorter than my usual, but I didn't want you all to burn out after me being away for so long! I didn't realize how much I missed writing until I recently managed to churn out 50+ paragraphs for this series, so I'm all set to start updating sooner *cheer* Now, to the ever-important question, who do you like?

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