Don't leave me hanging part 14

Welcome to the fourteenth part of my first story quiz! If you haven't read the others, you might want to. Sorry I took forever on this part D: Thanks to all of you who put up with my delays, you're the best ♥

Recap: Regardless of his exhaustion, Jack insisted to give you come training which consisted of you learning how to summon and control fire and water. You also learned how to change back into human form. After training, you decided to sit by the fire awhile with Justin before you go to rest.

Created by: xxblutixx
  1. Justin looks over at you. "So how was training, ______?" he asks, "From what I've seen, Jack is the most experienced member of the team. He probably could teach you a lot." As you proceed to tell him about training, possibly exaggerating the exciting parts of course, he leans forward as if hanging on your every word. "Wow," he remarks, "It's amazing that both of my best friends have a part in a whole magical world. It's like I've stepped right into one of my books. It's just so..."
  2. "Overwhelming?" you finish his sentence for him, "Yeah, I know, for me too. And Justin... Stella and I are still the same, especially me, I hardly even know anything about this magic or what I'm supposed to do." "Yeah, I can only imagine how much more overwhelming this is for you," Justin agrees with you, "But we can get through it together, us two newbies?" You laugh and give him a hug, "I'm so glad you're here with me." "I'm glad I'm here with you too," he smiles down at you with his soft, warm brown eyes, hugging you back. The fire had been nice and all for warming you, but Justin's hug warmed you from inside out, dispelling any hint of coldness still residing within you.
  3. You yawn involuntarily and Justin lets go of you. "Sorry, I'm keeping you from your rest," he apologizes. You try to tell him it's okay, but another yawn interrupts your sentence. He laughs, "Come on, you're assigned to that middle tent with Stella. It's time for you to go get some sleep."
  4. Justin starts to walk with you to the tent, but you trip on a rock and, trying to grab onto something to steady yourself, bring him down too. You fall in a tangle of limbs, eventually landing on the ground with a thump, Justin falling on top of you. Thankfully, you didnt land on anything hard and aren't injured. "Sorry!" both you and Justin blurt out at the same time.
  5. "What's going on?" Cory mumbles sleepily, stumbling out of his tent in only pajama pants. He ruffles his already disheveled black hair as he walks towards you, taking in the scene. Justin, blushing furiously, gets up and stutters out, "Um... T-that's... We're just... It's not what it looks like." "Sure it isn't," Cory says, raising an eyebrow, "You're not going to help the lady up?" Before Justin can respond, Cory offers you his hand and pulls you up in one swift movement.
  6. "Thanks," you say, thoroughly embarassed as a blush rises up your own cheeks. "Good nigh- I mean have a good rest," Justin says, still blushing as he enters the tent Cory came out of. "See you tonight, ______. Sweet dreams," Cory says, giving you a wink as he leaves. You turn towards the tent, trying to cool down your blush before you have to face Stella who would be sure to interrogate you if she was still awake.
  7. You enter the tent quietly, but Stella is awake, sitting on one of two black sleeping bags and grinning at you. "I saawww that," she sings, "So which one do you like better?" "Um... what do you mean?" you ask cautiously, slipping into the other sleeping bag. "Don't act like you don't know, come on, spill, Cory or Justin?" Stella asks.
  8. Whatever you're thinking, you don't respond. Instead, you close your eyes and pretend to snore loudly to get the point across to Stella. "Oh I see how it is, but don't think I won't get it out of you one of these days," she pretends to threaten you in an attempt at a serious voice, even though you know that Stella and serious were two words that had no place next to each other. "Oh I'm terrified," you mumble, already half-asleep. You must have been much more exhausted than you realized because not long after that, you fall completely asleep.
  9. You're standing alone in a grassy area. As time goes on, you slowly come to the realization that you're in the park by your house. A flicker of movement at the edge of your eyesight has you swiveling quickly to face it, but it seems whatever it is slips behind the shadow of a tree. A chill creeps up your spine and the whole scene gets darker. Shadows seem to move, darting just out of your sight when you turn to look at them. Whispery voices fill the air, uttering only one phrase: free us. Over and over again as more and more shadowy figures approach you, never allowing themselves to be seen and moving faster and faster until you can feel their cold, insubtantial fingers stroking your face, your arms. You try to scream, but the sound seems stuck in your throat. You try to run, but even though your legs are moving, you go nowhere. The chill up your spine spreads and you start to shiver, your breath coming out in little puffs of air. Suddenly, a spurt of fire comes out of your hands, scattering the shadows and seems as if burning away the park until nothing but a blank whiteness remains. You try to cut off the power feeding the fire, but it keeps coming out of your hand, extending higher and higher above you. It curves down and starts to wind around your ankles, your legs, pinning your arms. You're burning and unable to escape as you stare at the fire in horror. It has eyes, gray with dark purple splotches, that you hoped you had escaped forever this morning. "You're mine," the fire growls as your vision starts to fail and turn to blackness.
  10. You sit up, breathing hard, your heart racing, and your ears ringing with the sound of someone screaming, until you realize it's you. You're the one screaming. "_______!" you hear several voices shout, and the guys enter your vision... through the tent door you realize. You're still in the tent, in your sleeping bag, miles away from the park by your house with no burns. It was just a dream. With that realization, your heart beat and breathing rate start to slow back down to normal.
  11. "What's wrong?" Jack asks, moving to kneel by you. Kris is already at your other side, his hand on your forehead, next taking your pulse. Stella is standing at the entrance of the tent with a shocked and worried look. Next to her is Justin, his brow furrowed in concern. "_______... What happened?" Cory questions, standing over Jack. You take a deep breath before responding that you're fine and it was just a dream.
  12. "Are you sure that you're okay?" Justin asks. You just nod, trying to get rid of the haunting images of the dream. "Okay, I'll just be outside packing up," Justin says and walks out of the tent. "Just call if you need me," Cory tells you before following Justin out. "What was the dream about, _______?" Jack questions. "There was a grassy area... and... a park... no it was a park..." you start to describe the dream, but what had seemed so vivid just a few minutes ago is faded and hard for you to remember, "Shadows were moving... and... something about fire... I'm sorry, I can't remember it anymore. I don't think I want to either." Jack nods, "Okay, _______. Well it's evening now, so we're getting ready to travel. Whenever you feel ready, you can get up." Jack exits the tent, followed by Stella who gives you one last concerned look.
  13. "_______, are you sure you can't remember anything else?" Kris's voice murmurs; you almost forgot he was there. "I don't know," you admit. "Try to remember," Kris urges. "Why? It was just a dream," you protest, "And I just can't remember anything else, Kris." Kris fixes you with a look from his gray eyes, "If you remember anything else, make sure you tell us. We're all here to help you."
  14. You stand up, ready to get up and help with the travel preparations. "I guess I should start with this sleeping bag," you say and start to roll it up to fit it in its bag. Kris starts to roll up Stella's. Once your sleeping bag is rolled up, you try to put it in the storage bag, but it won't fit. You unroll the whole thing and try to roll it up again, but it unrolls by itself on you. Kris chuckles and you see Stella's sleeping bag is already neatly rolled up into its bag.
  15. "Some help would be nice," you say to Kris. Smiling to himself, he skillfully packs the sleeping bag away with no complications. "Tha-" you start to thank him, but, suddenly, the tent material collapses on top of you two. You hear a gasp and then someone laughing. Someone's arm comes through the collapsed door of the tent to hold it up, and you crawl out into the clearing. Behind you, Kris throws out the two sleeping bags and crawls out himself. "I'm so sorry!" Justin apologizes, looking genuinely sorry, "I didn't know you were still in there."
  16. "Ready, _______?" Jack asks you. You nod. "Okay, Stella will teleport most of this stuff ahead for us. However, the house is protected against her teleporting directly in, so she'll need help bringing in the stuff. Also, she can only teleport one large thing at a time, so everyone else will have to walk because flying is too conspicuous," Jack informs everyone. "What, no volunteers to come with me?," Stella frowns, "I'll just have to choose one I guess." She closes her eyes, "Eenie, meanie, mi-" "I'll come," Justin offers.
  17. Stella changes into her magical form in flash. "Ok, see you guys, and you, _______, at the house," she says. She touches Justin, and they both disappear. "Magical forms, everyone," Jack orders. You close your eyes to concentrate. You focus on the first thing that you know will occupy your thoughts...
  18. You feel heat spread through you and are suddenly aware of an array of smells. The earthy smell of the forest around you. The smell of newly fallen rain. A smell that seems slightly spicy and warm that you can't pinpoint what it is exactly other than you know it's directly next to you. Opening your eyes, you realize that it's Cory as a wolf. Even as a wolf, he manages to look mischieviously at you.
  19. You look around for Kris and Jack and find them standing in front of you, both bare-chested and already in their forms. With them next to each other like that you can't help but stare. Jack looks majestic with his enormous golden cream wing. The scar across his chest and lack of a second wing do nothing to detract from his image. In fact, they speak experience and add to his leader-like stance. Kris is a little shorter than Jack, his wings slightly shorter as well, but he looks no less imposing. His gray eyes are intense, and are only highlighted by the indigo hues within them. Looking at them, you can't help feel that you're in good hands and that you would hate to be their enemies.
  20. Cory nudges you, bringing you out of your gaping at the other two guys. You blush, but quickly try to calm down, hoping that no one noticed as you follow Kris and Jack through the forest. Cory looks at you quizically with his head tilted and if he wasn't a wolf you would've bet that his eyebrow would be raised at you. "Don't look at me like that," you tell him, but he keeps staring. Jack sighs, "He wants to say that he can't help but look at something so perfect." Cory winks.
  21. "How does that work? I mean... how do you know what he wants to say?" you ask curiously. "Because he's going off about it in my mind," Jack says, shooting an annoyed look at Cory. "He's telepathic?" you ask Jack, but Kris responds, "No, because we're a team, the team leader and their second-in-command have special chain necklaces that allow them to communicate with the rest of the team through their minds. The necklaces are charged with a little bit of power from each member of the team. It works best if that power is the person's specialty. As soon as you can find your specialty, you'll be added to it, _______. I mean if you want to..."
  22. "How long will it take for me to find my specialty?" you ask Kris. "It depends on training. The more training, the more likely you are to find it," he tells you. Your curiousity quenched for the moment, the discussion turns into a peaceful silence. Kris wrapped up in his own little world while Jack and Cory still seem to be having some mental discussion.
  23. The quiet is broken when something rustles in the forest to your left. Immeadiately, everyone stops and looks warily in that direction. The rustling stops, but no one relaxes. The sound starts back up again, but this time to your right. In time, it stops too, but then the entire forest around you seems to come alive with the sounds of sticks and dry leaves being crunched underfoot and leaves being disturbed from their trees. From the darkness behind the trees, wolves emerge.
  24. Cory, Jack, and Kris form a tight circle around you, facing outwards. The wolves approach slowly, but stop a couple yards away as if ordered to. "_______," a voice calls out from the shadows in mock disappointment, "You left before I got to spend any quality time with you." Even though you can't see him, you can vividly see in your mind the mocking smile and victorious look in his eyes. His ruthless gray eyes. "Logan," Jack spits out the name as if it were poison.
  25. Sorry I took a long time *again* to make this part >.< Anyway... who do you like?

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