Who would fall for you? Demon, Elf, Vampire,Werewolf.

When you are " thoughtfully kidnapped" on your way home, you find yourself thrown into a world that may just prove too much for you. thankfully, there are some pretty interesting (and pretty handsome) men to ease your way.

This quiz is (hopefully) suitable for boys and girls and the gender, age and name of the POV character is entirely up to you! chhosing an answer will decide which character is most attracted to the personality youre giving off! who will fall for you? 2nd part written on demand.

Created by: Yasmin-chan
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  1. Hello and Welcome. This quiz is suitable for both boys and girls (Hopefully. Though, the characters in this are only male right now. there may be some ladies introduced later, if you want that) and so anytime when your NAME or the words HE or SHE might be used will be replaced with "___". That way, you can decide for yourself what goes here (your own name and gender or something entirely different!) so that its fair for everyone. I wont waste your time chatting, we'll just get right into it.
  2. You're walking home from your current job, you've been kept late again and all the buses have stopped running. However, your phone has also died, so you cannot get a taxi, forcing you to walk all the way home in the dark. Its cold and theres a good chance it will rain. The streets are all empty and the shops all closed. the emptiness is quite ominous, and only your footsetps break the silence.
  3. Suddenly, you see something move from the corner of your eye and turn towards it; your heart pounding. Seeing nothing you turn back, and jump when you see a hooded man further down the street. you take a step back. however, you bump into something and, frightened, you whip around to see anover hooded man behind you, his face hidden from view. as you step back he steps forward, until you've been backed up towards the first man. trapped, you shout "What do you want?"
  4. One of the hooded men reaches out toward you with a gloved hand. your breath catches in your throat and you shut your eyes- awaiting a hit. Your eyes still scrunched together, you hear the sound of a pained scream and a fierce crunch. opening your eyes, you stare in shock as your attackers are beaten down by young man in dark clothing. He attacks them withough mercy and soon theyre uncontious on the ground. your instincts tell you not to move, but it doesnt make a difference; he turns to you anyway. His eyes send fear shooting through you, their blood red colour stark against the inky black of his shaggy fringe.
  5. Before you can do anything, another yound man runs around a corner and spots you both. he pauses, and the red eyed man turns towards him. taking the opportunity, you run in the direction of your home, hoping to get away while the man is distracted. "Wait! Grab (him/her)!" You hear shouted behind you, just before, yet another, young man rushes you from your right side. you shout as he grabs you, hoping someone might hear. He swears and wraps his hand around your mouth, trying to keep you still and you thrash in his arms. "Just knock (him/her) out!" and before you can even register the words, there a sharp pain in your neck, and the world goes black.
  6. You wake up slowly, the back of your neck is aching, but you notice the bed your lying on is incredibly soft. when you sit up, youre surprised to see that youre in a very fancy looking room, everything looks so expensive youre almost afraid to touch anything. however, remembering the events of the night before, you jump out of the bed youre in and rush to the only door in the room (noticing off-handedly that your still wearing your work uniform) you press your ear to the door and hear nothing. you decide to try opening it and groan when you find the door is locked. looking around, you desperatly search for another way out. How would you like the room to look?
  7. You quickly spot a window on the far left of the bed. rushing over to it, you attempt to push it open. you feel a rush of accomplishment when it does open, only to be dissapointed when you push your head out of the window and see the thirty feet drop on the other side. How far up was this room?! Before you could pull back, you hear someone say behind you, "I wouldn't try jumping; i doubt it would be a very pleasent fall." startled, you turn to see a tall man with sort black hair and cobalt eyes watching you with amusement. "I know you must have a lot of questions, i certaily would, so if you would like to follow me we can go meet with the others and hopefully give you some answers." seeing little choice, you follow him down winding corredoors and obscene amounts of stairs until you enter what looks to be a very fancy sitting room. inside, three other men are waiting. one, you notice, is sat quietly in a chair further away from the other two. His hair is black and shoved somewhat messily into a short, low pony-tail. your heart jumps as you recognise him instantly as the man with the red eyes from the night before. However, when his eyes catch yours, theyre brown. For a moment you doubt yourself, until he looks away quickly. apparently, he recognised you, too. A fair skinned man with a long white blond braid stands up to greet you. "Well, this isnt the best of circumstances, but i really must ask you be a little patient with up while we explain everything. i assure you, we dont want to hurt you." he's smiling at you kindly, and offers you a seat on the couch next to him. the man who led you here doesnt so much as spare you a glance as he walks to the coach opposite, pushing a man with shaggy brown hair away to make room. youre struck by the way the brown haired man growls and go to question it when the blond man starts to talk again. "Forgive me, but i think i'd best introduce everyone. The man who brought you down here is Charles, the one next to him is Richard and i'm Esca." he says waving his hand to everyone in turn. "the one over there is Carter. you had the...pleasure of meting him last night" he says, awkwardly searching for the right words to describe your meeting. He smiles charmingly and asks, "And what might yours be?" Reluctantly, you answer. "___"
  8. Esca smiles and relaxes noticably. Across from you, Richard waves enthusiastically, practically bouncing in his seat, earning a glare from Charles. "Right." Esca starts awkwardly, "I suppose you want an explination for all this?" he asks, beggining to look a little nervous. "I'd appreciate that yes." You say a little coldly. you hope they wont notice that youre actually still quite scared. their "Nice guys" act isnt making you feel any better about being kidnapped. "well, first, i'd just like to apologise. bringing you here against your will hadnt really been our intention, to be honest, we were actually trying to help you" You blink at him, incredulous. "Help me? How?! By kidnappingt me?!" Richard winces at your anger, looking upset. next to him Carter bumps his shoulder against Richards and glares at you a little. The only one not to react in Carter, who stays staring towards the wall indifferently.
  9. Esca sighs sadly. "Yes, i know. it doesnt make much sence.However, those men that attacked you are part of a certain...group. recently, theyve been kidnapping young boys and girls left, right and center. However, we dont yet know why. Sadly, youre the only person we've managed to save." He pauses for a moment to look in Carters direction, but continues quickly. "We dont know if this was a random attack or if they had a reason for choosing you, but if they did, they would surely come back for you. if we let you go, especially without knowing their intentions, they may just come after you again" he says all this while looking very serious, and you feel dread well up inside you. if there had been kiddnappings recently why hadnt you heard of them? and why you? You dart a look at the others around you, and Richard sends you a sympathetic look. "Wait," You say, turning back to Esca. "so i either get to be kiddnapped by them or you? and you think this is helping? i could just go home! my family would help me!" You start to feel desperation welling up in you. "Just let me leave. i wont tell anyone about this if you let me go now." The boys around you look uncomfortable, and Esca is frowning sadly. Charles frowns at you " We're trying to help you. there's no telling what could have happening if those men had taken you. you should show a little gratitude!" Next to him, Richard turns swiftly and growls at him, "Dont be so cruel!(He/She) has every right to be upset and want to go home!" the two men glare at each other for a moment before Richards turns to you once more, looking sad. "He does have a point though, ___. we dont know what would have happened to you, but it couldnt have been good. its best you stay here for a while until we're sure that neither you or your family are being targetted." You pause in shock. Your family? they could be targetted?you hadnt even considered that before. before you can ask about it though, Carter speaks up for the first time, his voice low, "You should let her go." the others all turn to him. Esca and Richard merely look surprised, but Charles seems furious. "Were you not even listening?!" he shouts, standing up from the couch and gripping the armrest tightly. "If (He/She) goes home (He/She) could be putting (him/her-self) in danger! or do you just not care?" By now he's snarling at the other man, who looks wholey unimmpressed. " But dont you think thats (His/Her) choice? whether or not to risk it? we dont even know if they'll try to find (Him/Her) or not, you could just be wasting (His/Her) time. And i thought your kind wasnt supposed to mingle in the affairs of humans, or did you forget that?" Charles strides across the room angrily, ignoring Esca and Richards attempts to stop him. "Its different if there's someone of our kind attacking humans. though, you dont really care about that do you? i bet you wish you were out their helping them, you wretch!" At this, Carter stands up and lunges for Charles, his eyes glowing faintly red. Esca and Richard are each forced to grab one of the men to stop them from fighting and the room is full of shouting. however, they all stop when you quietly ask, "what do you mean, your kind?"
  10. Annnnnd thats it for now! if i find that anyones reading this one i'll write a part 2. thank you for your time and i hope i've got you interested so far! xx

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