Will you like my book series?

Would you like to read my books? I hope so! If you like Harry Potter or The Hunger Games you will probably like them, but who knows? My books are about a hot headed red head heroine named Lily (Lilianna) Branch. Think you might wanna know more? Take the quiz.

Everyone likes to read a fun book, but will you find mine fun? C'mon... take the quiz! Find out! And while you're here, if your name is Lily, you have earned a big grin. Anyways, take this quiz to see if you'd like to read this series!

Created by: Jennie
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Well... Do you mind broken ankles, shashed legs, swordfights, etc?
  2. Do you like romance?
  3. Do you like books about girls?
  4. Do ya like fantasy?
  5. Do you like truth or dare? (does not count, just wondering)
  6. Do you like the names Lily (nickname for Lilianna), Matt (Matthew), Luke, and Luna (Elizabeth)
  7. Last serious one. What (holds up sword). Is (holds up sheild) your (braces self). fave (covers eyes). Color (runs!!!)?
  8. Are you good at riddles?
  9. Question 11! That's how old I am turning in 2 days!
  10. 12! That's how many books there are! :) :) :) Bye!

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Quiz topic: Will I like my book series?