pink amulet love story

this is pink amulet love story. I hope you enjoy. Please comment so I will know if you enjoy and please read part 2. Have a absolute great day and thanks for reading it.

Have a absolute great day and thanks for reading it. I truly appreciate it. Bye Bye and enjoy. Adios Amigos. But seriously hope you enjoy. Thank you :-)

Created by: starcross
  1. "We were both young when I first saw you I closed my eyes and the flashback starts in standing there on a balcony of summer air". I sing loudly and terribly with my older sister Chrissy at the karaoke restaurant she took me too for my birthday. Both our friends are there laughing and singing along in their seats. Even though we suck the other customers are pumped up and energetic too dancing along. What a wonderful night I thought.
  2. Although I'm only 17 my sister buys me a drink to drink. Well technically that weird guy who is winking at my sister bought her a drink which she gave to me. I dance which I usually don't because I hate it but tonight felt different and a little magical. I'm dancing with my best friend Kourtney and she notices that the pink amulet that I got when I was born started to glow. My sister got the same one but blue when she was born and it glowed at the same time as mine. My bff looked worried but I thought it was cool.
  3. My sister called our parents immediately and we were all kind of drunk so I was surprised she would call them in that type of state. She looked worried. I wasn't surprised it was stupid to call them drunk. Then she tells me that we need to go outside to talk. Each of our group of friends came out too. My sister looks nervous which makes me nervous so I just blurt out "what is going on". She tells me to sit down on one of the benches outside. I do as told.
  4. "__________ you know me and our parents, and our friends love you right" she says "so don't freak out or get mad or even be in denial". This makes me really curious so I repeat "what is going on" louder for her to stop hesitating and tell me already so I can enjoy my 17th birthday.
  5. She says"________ you are not who you think you are or who we are". "What do you mean"? " Well we are still biologically sisters and we still are still biologically linked to our same parents and... "Kourtney steps in "and we are all truly your friends". I get confused so I just say "what are you guys talking about of course that is all true so why does Chrissy say that "you are not who you think you are or who we are" I said that with quotation marks. My sister says annoyed "I say that because we have another life but this is just part of it which you were only supposed to know or see until you were older or when the time has come, and sweetie the time has come". "The time has come for what and what you mean that this is not our only life...just spit it out already".
  6. "All of us including our parents have powers". I laugh and they all looked serious. "You got to be kidding me right, this is some pranking right" "no it is not". "I will start from the beginning and just try to understand". I nodded.
  7. "We are not born here; we were born in "˜Las Dame'. It's so beautiful. It's the biggest supernatural kingdom. Our parents rule that kingdom. We are consider as the most powerful supernatural family because of our pureblood ancestry. Dad and mom both came from noble families that only married elite supernatural. Like I'm talking about centuries of supernatural union. All our ancestors union wasn't done to just marry someone like themselves, keep the tradition, or status ongoing but because of true love. So when I was six and you were two this king Sumer and the queen Catherine of "˜Overseas' came with their son who was about seven to our castle. Our parents and they were great friends and we were happy to play with their son. He was fun. One day Sumer said to our dad that we all get along so nicely. Our dad agreed so Sumer said that their son should marry me because I was near his age and our dad said no and he said why, then daddy said because me and his son are too young and he wants me to marry someone I love whether human,supernatural,royal, or poor and neither him nor Sumer should interfere. Sumer was furious because he knew our family was so powerful and he was the second powerful family of the supernatural world and they were friends so it would make sense if we would marry. He didn't think love was necessary for marriage when it involved royals. So Sumer and Catherine were vengeful and it was known that they were planning to kill me and you to get back at our dad and mom's unchanging decision. So our parents decided to hide in the human world with us and just run the kingdom from here and they brought some of their most trusted noble friends and their children and left some there to make sure nothing awful happens. You were two so you didn't remember a thing our parents told me not to tell you anything or play with my powers anywhere near you or humans. So all of us here are supernatural nobles. So I was able to play with my friends because they know that they are too and your friend's parents told them that they had powers because they wouldn't have remembered because they are the same age as you but they were ordered not to tell you." She said
  8. "Wait how come everybody got to know this but I was out of the loop". I said angrily so Kourtney said" To protect you". Oh god do I hate when someone uses that excuse. She is my best friend so she knows and then said immediately after "I know you hate when someone uses that excuse but it is true. "
  9. "So why did you guys decide to tell me this now" I said. "Because you and Chrissy's amulet glowed". Christina's friend Tasha said. "What does that mean" I said. "It means....we have to figure out your superpower quick because a whole load of sh---t is going to happen. My other friend Lynn said. "Wait. You guys don't even know my superpower and I am supposed to be powerful too". Chrissy said "we all took several physical tests to figure out our powers and learn how to control it and master it but since you were clueless we never knew yours but once you master it then you will notice how powerful you truly are".
  10. I promise next quiz will have cute boys in it but I needed to get the narration over with.

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