Magcon NEWBORNS quiz

There are some newborns who has taken our spots to mwet the noyster when they don't even know their name? Well, take this quiz to prove you are not a newborn.

Do you have what it takes to slay these newborns!? Those newborns don't deserve to have the tickets you have been saving up months and months for, do they?

Created by: Magcon_Duh__
  1. How many members are in magcon?
  2. Matthew _____ Espinosa. WHATS MATTS MIDDLE NAME?
  3. Who has had the longest friend ship?
  4. What's MahoganyLOX and Jacob Whitesides's ship name?
  5. Who sings 'Buckwild'?
  6. Whos vine is this? 'and you will never be royals' *you can call me green beans* 'green beans?'
  7. How many siblings does Nash have?
  8. What's shawn's sisters name?
  9. Who wears his own tiedye Merch?
  10. Aaron _______. What's Aarons last name?

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