Pregnancy 101 Quiz

Take our online pregnancy quiz and see how knowledgable you are about the nine month journey into parent hood. This quiz is for educational and/or entertainment purposes only. Have fun!!!

Did you know: Nothing can really prepare you for the first few days at home with your new baby. Newborns are tiny, helpless creatures who need everything done for them. By learning some simple techniques to help care for your baby like how to diaper and bathe them you can increase your confidence as a parent and learn to relax and enjoy your new baby

Created by: Zion Josiah Wheeler
  1. Pregnancy lasts, on average:
  2. Nutrition in pregnancy is:
  3. Ultrasound is:
  4. Sex during pregnancy is:
  5. Labor is:
  6. Labor medications are:
  7. Childbirth classes are:
  8. A doula is:
  9. The cesarean rate for the United States is?
  10. Forceps are:

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