how T.V. wise are you

there are a lot of people that watch t.v. but ony a few that become t.v. in their daily lives. you watch enough to know the show names, but do you know if you are actually T.V. wise.

are you T.v. wise. do you have the laziness to become one. you could only recently wonder before, but now you can know for sure. this is kinda like taking a pregnancy test for your laziness.

Created by: Jacob Fisher

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  1. you have watched all the episodes of the simpsons.
  2. you can identify any character in the simpsons by their voice, with your eyes closed.
  3. you know the creator of the t.v. shows: family guy, simpsons, and king of the hill.
  4. you know who plays the main character in home improvement
  5. you know the difference between home improvement and tool time
  6. you know all the names of the power rangers by their color from mighty morphin power rangers.
  7. you know what streets that the griffin family and the simpson family live on
  8. you know the names of the bars homer and peter go to .
  9. you know who the three brothers in full house are and can identify them.
  10. you know the gender of the person who does the voice of homer is.

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Quiz topic: How T.V. wise am I