How wise are you?

There are many wise people out there but this quiz will show how wise you really are. A wise person knows what they want and what they need throughout there life. Try this quiz and see how wise you are and how to improve how wise you are.

Are you what most people would call a wise person...Well come take this quiz and find out if you are. In about 2 minutes you can find out about how wise you are if you come and take this quiz.

Created by: Ryan Meadows

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  1. You go to a party and get drunk. The next day your friends ask you if you want to go to a party what do you do and say.
  2. Someone wants to fight you for no reason. They come up to you and puch you. You...
  3. what do your grades look like?
  4. Your grandma and pap are coming over for the holidays and you hate them. You
  5. Your in school in math class just sitting there listening, your friend starts talking and your teacher says ok move to the front and blames you. you
  6. How often are you on the computer.
  7. do you like this quiz?
  8. Do you smoke?
  9. Are you a smartass?
  10. do you think you have a good life so far?
  11. Last question,What do you do when your not busy?

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Quiz topic: How wise am I?