The War Part 1 (Girls Only)

Here it is again! The Sequel to my Vampire Series. This quiz has suspense, action, Vampires, Werewolves, romance, comedy and it will bring you to a whole new world where Supernatural Creatures live, hide and survive among us humans.

This quiz is about, now, 5 Vampires, 4 Werewolves and a girl, that's you, that have to save the world, Earth, from a massive destruction. If they don't succeed the human race will be distinguished, lost forever, no more humans. So will they be able to save Earth from 'Them'?

Created by: Sup9877
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  1. Welcome back! (For those of you that have taken my other quizzes.
  2. The next day you wake up and get out of bed. Everybody was already up, except for... Logan, he was on the bed, still limp and Bruce, you couldn't see him anywhere. "Where's Bruce?" you asked, "He went to grab a snack." answered Nate. He soon came back, "How much more days, until it happens." asked Nate, "96 hours, four more days."
  3. "Lets get going." Logan said "Right, we still need the Werewolves on our side."
  4. You get home with your friends and call Josh. "Hello?" "Hey, Josh, it's me." "_______! It's nice to hear your voice again!" "Hey, can I come over, like now?" you asked.
  5. He sounded surprised, but happy. "Oh, uh, sure! We will be waiting on the reservation!"
  6. You hung up the phone, getting ready to leave. "Mind if we come with you?" you turned around and it was Bruce, you looked into his eyes, it was piercing, hard and glowing. "Sure." you said, dazed. He smiled so beautifully, you almost fainted.
  7. You approached the reservation, you then saw Chase, Josh, Scott and Gabe smiling at you, then it quickly faded, they saw the others too. With hard eyes.
  8. You approach them and they get tense and so does your friends. You soon tell the Werewolves about a War against 'Them'.
  9. "No way in the **** we are going to help those bloodsuckers, those leeches, those animals!" exclaimed Josh. "Really? This coming from a smelly little chihuaha!" exclaimed JJ.
  10. "Were are not chihuahas, we are Werewolves!" "You look more like a mutt to me, Chase!" exclaimed Nate. "That's it!" Chase suddenly turned into a wolf and jumped at Nate, they started a fight.
  11. They stood up, ready to leap at each other again. Chase jumped off and missed, he accidentaly got Jason. "Hey!" exclaimed Jason. Then everybody started fighting. "STOP!" you yelled, then everybody, except you, flew apart and vines came out of nowhere and grabbed everybody. "________! Let us go!" said Jason.
  12. Sorry, that's all! Come back for my next one! 'The War' part 2!
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  14. OH, I almost forgot, this: _______ means that they are saying your name.

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