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Hey guys, sorry i took so long on this. i don't know what to say other than i hope you enjoy it. my computer erased it when i was halfway done so i had to rewrite this part.

ill try to get part 8 out as soon as i can. i'm still writing. Please frequently check my account for updates on new quizzes because i never know when i'm going to have the time to write.

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  1. "Where is everyone?" Hera asked me. We moved to the next room, which was an elegant living room, and found it empty, as well. I closed my eyes to focus on the sound of voices. If I can focus my sense of sound well enough, I could see the shapes of what I hear. How? I can hear the atoms moving in the air and they move differently when a body is present. So if I focus enough, I can make out shapes.
  2. My vision blurred and as my eyes closed, a swarm of colors splashed everywhere and I could practically see the stairwell and every hallway in this house. There, 3 stories high and in a room with a thin door were the boys, talking about someone. They mentioned my name.
  3. "Are you sure they're the right girls? Emilia seems as if she never knows what she's doing and Hera looks like she knows exactly what's going on. It should be backwards." James's step-brother said, trying to keep his voice low. "They are the right girls," James answered, "I'm sure of it."
  4. "The prophecy clearly states that Emilia, who is supposed to be the unpredictable, will be taken and-"The step-brother was interrupted by Kyle, "We know what the prophecy says." Demitri commented, "We are positive these are the girls. Even Matt knew. If it weren't for us he would have taken them." Demitri's voice was serious and I heard a hint of cruelty in it, too.
  5. There was a sigh in the room and I didn't have to hear it in order to know that there was a lot of tension. "So what do you suggest we do?" James asked with a voice smooth and soothing. His step-brother answered, "We go down there and tell the girls what we are." "What about long term? What about Emilia and her fate? Hera has it good but Em is going to-"
  6. "Em!" Hera's voice pulled me away from the conversation and made me focus on her. I didn't even notice she was gripping my shoulders or shaking me. Anger boiled inside me and I pushed her away from me. Did I just hear what I thought I did? Hera stumbled slightly and looked at me with concern. "What happened?" I sighed deeply and took a seat on a sofa. Trying to calm down, I rubbed my temples gently with the tip of my fingers. Hera silently crossed the room and sat across from me.
  7. She spoke softly, "You heard something. It frightened you and disturbed you." I looked up at her. She was pale and her eyes turned a shade of ebony. She was in her trance, trying to figure out what was wrong. I sat quietly, staring at her. When I tried to listen back in on the boys' conversation it shifted to food and shelter. They were saying something about another safe house. I focused back on Hera.
  8. Hera remained how she was but she focused her eyes on me. Her mouth opened slightly. She blinked several times before saying, "Someone's coming. They're far. It's the people who were following us." Gently, I asked, "What do they want?" Her pupils widened, and then returned to normal size. "I don't know." She answered. Her brows furrowed "All I can say is that their intentions aren't good..." silence. It was quiet upstairs, too. I couldn't tell how long it was that she stayed that way until she spoke again.
  9. "They want us. No... You." Her voice was ominous and she blinked again. The Blood rushed to her cheeks and her eyes returned to her natural dark brown color. Worry showed on her face. "Em, what did you hear the guys say?" I heard panic in her voice. "Not much. You don't have to worry about anything, Hera. You're safe." She slowly rose to her feet, "Not me, Em. You." I sighed, conscious of the fact that she would know if I left something out or if I were lying to her.
  10. "There is a prophecy regarding our fates. All I know is that you have it good and something will happen to me." I said, trying to sound casual. She stood there, nervously shifting her weight. Finally she sat back down and asked another question, "What will happen to you?" I avoided her eyes, looking at a wolf painting behind her, "They said something about me being taken and then I was distracted." I told her honestly.
  11. Her eyes watered but quickly, she blinked the tears back. "I don't feel right." She said slowly, "This house won't be safe for long." With that said, the boys stomped their way downstairs. I jumped slightly. I was so focused in Hera's words and the silence that their loud footsteps sounded like a stamped. James led the way into the room for the boys, followed by his step-brother, then Demitri and Kyle.
  12. Hera glanced at me, then at the boys, letting her eyes linger on James's step-brother, and then she focused on the floor. "Well?" I asked, letting my voice sound impatient. "Let's start from the beginning. I don't think I've introduced myself." James's step-brother spoke, "I'm Ren." Hera batted her eyes at him and spoke softly, as if our conversation hadn't happened, "I'm Hera." Ren smiled at her then looked at me.
  13. Play it nice, the voice inside my head urged. I didn't want too. I was angry and scared and I didn't want to "play it nice." I wanted to get straight to the point. "I think you know my name. What I want to know is why I'm here." I said, my voice strong and bold. My response caught Ren off guard but his look of astonishment disappeared as quickly as it appeared.
  14. "Very well," He said as he turned to pace in front of the boys. Kyle walked to the window stayed there, looking into the darkness. James and Demitri took a seat in a couch in between me and Hera. "Before I get to your question, or might I say, demand, I think it'd be better if we knew each other a little more." Hera and I exchanged a glance. "We all know you two," James explained, "but you guys don't exactly know us. We'd just like to make it fair."
  15. "Obviously you've heard of the "˜Supernatural.' You two are supernatural. And so are we." Demitri added. "What are you? Em and I are immortals. You guys take me as more than that." Hera asked. "Let's get to the point." Kyle snapped, not taking his eyes off the window. James spoke in a leveled tone, "Ren and I are werewolves, Demitri is a vampire, and Kyle is a feratruncus."
  16. "What's a feratruncus?" I asked curiously looking at Kyle. When he didn't pay me any mind, Ren answered my question. "A feratruncus is a creature that has been affected by tragedy in their life and has fallen away to become bitter. Its bitterness affects them so much that their blood turns to poison. It isn't a pretty sight to see a person turn into a feratruncus. It's even worse to see one affected by its poison. It feeds on the happiness of others in hope that it will restore happiness in itself. But it never does, it will always be bitter."
  17. Kyle turned, glared at Ren, and then stalked out of the room and up the stairs. Demitri rose to his feet, "You didn't need to be so harsh." Then he chased after Kyle. Ren seemed unaffected by what had happened. The rest of us sat silently. "So we know what you are. Now what?" I said, trying to keep my voice smooth. "Well, we are all your guardians." James stated. "Guardians of what? What are you protecting us from?" Hera asked, impatient. "There is a man who wants you two. We don't know why. We just know that it's not good and if he gets you, things won't be pretty."
  18. I clenched my fists. I wanted answers and I wanted them now. "You said there was a prophecy regarding us. That I would be taken and something was going to happen to me. What is it?" I asked sternly. Ren looked at me in surprise, "I never told you that. You're not even supposed to know about that." I rolled my eyes, "I overheard you in the room upstairs. I know about a prophecy. I have one. But the one I have doesn't say anything about something happening to me or me being taken."
  19. "Em, what you have to understand is that we can't tell you these things. As much as we'd like to answer your question, we can't." James said, trying to calm me down. Ren said nothing but continued staring at me, almost as if he was trying to stare me down. This infuriated me more. I stood up and accepted the challenge of a stare-down. I could hear Hera shifting and I felt her unease but I didn't care. They were hiding something from us and I wanted to know what it was.
  20. "Why can't you tell me?" I asked, my voice louder this time, more demanding. "Because we can't!" Ren shouted at me, stepping closer so that we were at the most two inches apart. I felt nervous that Hera would be jealous by the distance between us because I knew she's the one who wanted to be this close to him but instead I only found fear. Whether it was for me or for him, I wasn't sure. "You know something." I said, quieter but confident. "Stand down." Ren spoke firmly.
  21. I shook my head, knowing he'd be upset. "This isn't a military, "˜general.'" I mocked, "You know something." He narrowed his eyes. Inside I laughed. He thinks he can affect me by a stare down? I've had plenty of cheerleaders and conceited jerks at school try to stare me down. Why should he be any different? "Let it go." He commanded. If I were still a child I would have cried and ran away. But I'm not a child and he's not going to make me cry and run away. "No. tell me what you know!" I insisted, louder this time. "Let it go!" he shouted.
  22. Hera stood up from her seat and forced him away from me. She grabbed him by the arm and pulled him close, closer than he was to me. A smile pulled at my lips when I heard his heart beat stop then pick up, very quickly. Softly, she asked him, "What do you know of the people coming after us?" "They want you and Emilia. They want her more because of a power she possesses." Ren answered weak in his voice. "What power?" Hera asked, pulling him a little closer.
  23. Ren's heart raced, "I don't know. Nobody ever told us what it was." "Who knows?" She pushed. "My boss." He answered. His answers were short and it was pushing me to the edge. James stood, too aware of their conversation. Something very important here was not supposed to be told. I reached for his hand and pulled him to me. I made sure to put my hand over his mouth. Almost afraid to hurt me, James stood still. He was faced toward me.
  24. His eyes wouldn't look away from mine. His heartbeat was slow and calm. I had to keep him this way until Hera was finished. She had her way with men. They looked at her with weakness in their eyes whereas with me, I was either a challenge to them or a fragile young girl. I kept my eyes on James but my ears were focused on Hera and Ren. "Do they know where we are?" Hera asked. Ren answered, "No. this is a secret house. A safe house." With that said, I heard motorcycles and cars coming in from all areas toward the house. "Wrong," Hera said, stepping away from him, "They know exactly where we are and they'll be here in less than 10 minutes."

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