Warrior Cats love story part 1!

Wanna find who you love? A forbidden love? A passinte cat? Or a silly sweet one? Let's find out in this quiz where your the she-cat three toms want! Goodluck!

You better have read the warrior series! I know theres lots others like this but it has a few twist to it! Well who will you be a parent with? The ever forbidden iceclaw? Or the dark, and passinote hawkblaze? Or the goofy, sweet Sunflame?!

Created by: GoddessA
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  1. You wake in the morning and find yourself on duty to help Iceclaw collect herbs. "Mornin!" He purs as you set out. Hes a pure white tom with kind, sweet green eyes.
  2. You spend your morning with Iceclaw gathering herbs. Once back a strong silver tom walks up to you. He has a white tail-tip and blue eyes. The debuty, Hawkblaze. "Wanna share a rabbit?" He ask nicely
  3. After your meal you find yourself face to face with Sunflame. He's a goofy, funny orange/yellow tom with startiling blue eyes. "Wanna share tounges?" He purs happily
  4. After sharing tounges you streach and go to bed. You sleep with..
  5. You wake up and eat with...
  6. You go on dawn patrol with a few cats and once you come back you here a cat calling you "Pst!" You look to find Iceclaw. At his paws was a flower for you!
  7. After the flower scene you find yourself in the woods. Hawkblaze is there.. He looks deep into your eyes with a burning passion.
  8. Your at the beach with sunflame. You two get in a play-fight and he laughs pinning you down and looks at you licking your nose.
  9. That's it for now! How do you like it?!
  10. Thanks for taking it!

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