What Element am I?

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Many philosophies and worldviews have a set of classical elements believed to reflect the simplest essential parts and principles of which anything consists or upon which the constitution and fundamental powers of anything are based. Most frequently, classical elements refer to ancient beliefs inspired by natural observation of the phases of matter.

Historians trace the evolution of modern theory pertaining to the chemical elements, as well as chemical compounds and mixtures of natural substances to medieval, and Greek models. Many concepts once thought to be analogous, such as the Chinese Wu Xing, are now understood more figuratively.

Created by: Carmen with the Element of Fir

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Where would you rather go?
  2. What Elemement DO you what?
  3. What do you like better?
  4. For your Birthday, your parents buy you a limited edition mountain bike, you say...
  5. Do you enjoy burning things?
  6. You've always wanted to see more than the ground?
  7. Have you ever wished you could breath under water?
  8. Do you feel most alive when you running in the wind?
  9. Have you ever wanted to fly?
  10. You have an intrest in sea life?
  11. Do you belive in natural healing?
  12. Do you enjoy destruction?
  13. Do you like my quiz?
  14. close your eyes and take 7 deep breaths. Did you do this?
  15. Are you ready to find out what element you are?

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