How Much Of A Boy Are You?

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This quiz is going to tell you how much of a boy you are. Are you a true boy? This quiz is made by a boy so it is almost 100% true! Thanks for taking this quiz.

Are YOU a true boy? Do you like to down and dirty with the guys? Until now you have just wondered. But now, thanks to this awesome quiz,you will find out!

Created by: Zane Is Here

  1. Do you like to get dirty?
  2. Do you like sports?
  3. Do you like to shop?
  4. Do you wear dresses?
  5. Do you wear skirts?
  6. Do you like to hang out with girls or guys better?
  7. Are you a tomboy?
  8. Are you a girly girl?
  9. Do you like video games?
  10. Thanks for taking this quiz. Bye.

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Quiz topic: How Much Of A Boy am I?