How well do you know TMNT 2012 series?

What is a true fan? A true fan is someone who knows everything about a topic. They study it and try to know as much as they can. Being a true fan is a difficult task.

Are you a true fan? Can you list off characters from the top of your head? If you aren't a TMNT fan then this quiz is hardly for you. Go ahead and take it, see if you are a true fan, or not.

Created by: Catie

  1. Who are the original turtles?
  2. Who is Slash?
  3. Who is Hamato Yoshi
  4. Who are the Mighty Mutanimals?
  5. Who are the three human friends of the turtles?
  6. Who is Karai
  7. Who are the Kraang?
  8. Who is Tang Shen?
  9. Who are the Leader and the Genius?
  10. Who are the 4 girls that the turtles fall in love with?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know TMNT 2012 series?