How well do you know tmnt 2014?

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The tmnt movie came out in October and I'm sure that you've got it on DVD! But now I'm ready to test you on it so put your mobile phones down and get onto for a tmnt 2014 test!

Do you remember the pizza loving heroes new movie? You can prove it with this quiz test! In fact if you get all the questions right you can celebrate with some delicious pizza! Good luck!

Created by: Conor hall

  1. What is the name of April O'Neill's cameraman?
  2. What Is the name of the turtle's sensei?
  3. Who is the villain who works for sacks industries?
  4. Where do the turtles live?
  5. What does Mikey have behind the fridge (don't tell Raph!)
  6. Who is the brains of the brothers?
  7. There's a lyric in shell shocked " bought that ****** ********* call it Michelangelo" what is the colour and the sports car?
  8. Who plays Raphael?
  9. What is the ooze that flows through the turtles blood?
  10. Who plays April O'Neill?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know tmnt 2014?