Which TMNT Character Are You?

**PLEASE READ** This quiz will tell you which TMNT character you are based on the 2012 CGI version on Nickelodeon. This quiz also has the result on my fan-fic girl named Ellie, an anthropomorphic werecat mutant teenage ninja girl.

So yeah, with that being said, take this quiz and you'll find out whether you're the born leader, Leonardo, the genius inventor, Donatello, the conceited hothead, Raphael, the party dude, Michaelangelo, or the wild-child rocker, Ellie. Take this quiz, and you'll find out just who you really are. Good luck! And enjoy!

Created by: TrinityTheHedgehog
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Weapon of choice?
  2. Style?
  3. Favorite hobby or pass-time?
  4. Who's your crush?
  5. Mode of transportation?
  6. Song that describes you and your crush best? Please look up any song you don't know before answering, thanks. :]
  7. Song that describes you best? Once again look up any song you don't know before answering.
  8. Favorite color?(I know it's old but I couldn't think of anything else)
  9. Who do you think you got?(Won't effect your result)
  10. Did you enjoy this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Which TMNT Character am I?