Boy Trouble! [Part 1]

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Okay, so this is my first story quiz. I'm kind of young, so this is fairly good for my age. I hope that I get a lot of fans! Enjoy the quiz!

Characters for my quiz so far: ~Max-- Lean and muscular build; black hair; tall; blue eyes~ ~Joshua-- Lean, toned build; wavy brown hair; bright brown eyes ~Cassie-- Copper, red hair; average height for her age; single and ready to mingle!~

Created by: PurpleCherries

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  1. **BUZZ! BUZZ!** Your alarm sounds loudly, waking you up for school. You slap down the snooze button and get up to get ready. You take a shower, comb your hair, brush your teeth, etc. Rubbing your eyes, you go down for breakfast and have a bowl of cereal. "Good morning, ____!" your mom greets you. "'Morning Mom." you respond. "Want me to drive you to school?" "No thanks, I'll take the bus."
  2. Once at the bus stop, you climb inside looking for a seat. There seems to be only one seat at the very back. "Ugh, I hate the bus," you think. Sitting at the back with you is a handsome looking guy. He smiles at you when you sit down. "Hey," he says. "Hi...?" you answer back. The boy has wavy brown hair, a lean, toned build, and bright brown eyes.
  3. At the bus stop at school, you get off the bus and he comes after you. You walk to your locker and to class and take a seat. It's chemistry. Turns out, that nice boy on the bus is in the same class as you. You see him looking for a seat when he sits down next to you.
  4. "Hey, you didn't fully introduce yourself to me," you say to him, hoping to start a conversation. "Um, it's Joshua," he responds. "Oh, hi Joshua, I'm ____." He smiles and you both listen to the teacher blabber on and on about something.
  5. After a few of your classes together (turns out he has almost the exact classes as you!), you go to lunch. There, you accidentally bump into a tall, muscular, guy. "Hey watch i--Oh, sorry about that," he says. You blush and he winks as you go your seperate ways. You decide to sit next to Joshua, he seems kind of lonely. Sitting down, Joshua says, "Hey, ____!" You smile and say, "Hi." He is kind of shy, you think. Joshua suddenly says, "Who's that staring at you?" You look behind where your seated and see that guy, the one you bumped into, staring at you. He quickly looks away, and you raise an eyebrow.
  6. "Who's that?" you ask Joshua. He replies, "Oh, that's Max..." You nod. After lunch is History and sadly you don't have this class with Joshua. Max is there, though. He comes by you and says, "Hey, sorry about what happened at lunch." "No, it's totally okay," you answer back. He asks if he can sit next to you, and you say that it is fine. He smiles at you as you start class.
  7. At home, you call your friend back at your hometown. "Hey Cassie, how's it going?" "Alright," she replies. "Guess who I met today!" you exclaim. "Who?!" "Two REALLY hott guys!" you say excitedly. "Awesome, what are their names?" she says. "Max and Joshua." "Cool." "I got to go," you reply. "Okay, see ya!" Cassie says.
  8. Okay, that's all for now, folks!
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