How hot (inside and out) are you?

Well, do you even think you are hot inside AND outside? Well before you put on those fancy pants, take this quiz and find out what you owe to become the hottest and nicest guy or girl in the world!

Well, are you hot inside and out? Do you give to the world AND care for yourself? Are you well dressed and well mannered to have that title? Let's see how you REALLY measure up!

Created by: ShoopDaWhoop
  1. Let's first start with outer beauty: (doesn't count for much) What is your hair color?
  2. Outer Beauty: Eye color?
  3. Outer beauty: Do you have pimples, freckles, acne, scars, etc?
  4. Outer Beauty: Do you wear nerdy glasses or cute glasses? (I have cute glasses ^_^)
  5. Now Inner Beauty: (counts for A LOT.) Pretend you have good fashion sense. Would you give anyone tips on it?
  6. Inner Beauty: How many GOOD friends do you have? No lying or get out of here!
  7. Inner Beauty: Would you want to end cliques in a PEACEFUL manner? (I don't like cliques...)
  8. How would you describe a nerd?
  9. Do you THINK you are hot inside and out?
  10. Inner Beauty: Do you spread rumors that have insults on another person?

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Quiz topic: How hot (inside and out) am I?