How Fancy Are You?

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Are You An Expert A Being Fancy? Are You An Expert At Knowing Iggy Azalea Inside And Out? Well If So, This Is Your Quiz! You Can Trust Me On That, Because This Is All About That.

Will YOU Get Past My Tricky Little Test Or Will You Not? It Will Be Decided Very Very Very Soon. If You Actually Do It That Is. Anyway, Good Luck To You All!

Created by: Sydney

  1. Who sings "Fancy"
  2. Do You Think That You Are Fancy?
  3. What is Iggy's Fave Color?
  4. Whats YOUR Fave Color?
  5. What Will You Be When You Grow Up?
  6. If You Could Be Any Were It Would Be...
  7. Are You An Iggy Fan?
  8. Party?
  9. Singer?
  10. Oh And Guys This Is More Like "Are You A Big Fan Of Iggy Azalea?" Thing Now Not Fancy But, What Ever

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Quiz topic: How Fancy am I?