Are you really a Lovatic?

The Lovatic fanbase is definitely a very loyal and incredible fanbase! Whoever is a part of it is very lucky. In order to be a Lovatic, one must know a lot about the talented singer known as Demi Lovato.

There's just one question this quiz will answer, are YOU a Lovatic? If you're a fan of Demi Lovato, that does not mean that you are a Lovatic. Do you have what it takes? Let's find out...

Created by: Cassidy Penner
  1. Which song did Demi sing at the talent show she entered in kindergarten?
  2. At what age did Demi get the role of Mitchie Torres in Camp Rock?
  3. During which grade did Demi ask to be homeschooled because she was bullied a lot?
  4. What are the names of her two dogs?
  5. Which mental disorder was Demi diagnosed with in treatment when she was 18?
  6. What is the name of the record label she started with Nick Jonas?
  7. When did Demi first post on twitter?
  8. Which tree is Demi allergic to?
  9. During a 2015 interview for her album Confident, Demi said her favorite song on the album was...
  10. In Demi's documentary, Simply Complicated, what did she say she still struggles with?
  11. In Demi's new song Crybaby, the lyrics say, "Congratulations, celebration, cause..."
  12. What was Demi not in rehab for in 2010?
  13. Which artist was not featured in Demi's third album, Unbroken?
  14. Which Jonas Brother didn't appear on the FutureNow tour?
  15. Which of the following songs do not feature Nick Jonas?
  16. And last, but not least, why did Demi start working out?

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Quiz topic: Am I really a Lovatic?