Are you a true Lovatic?

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Know everything there is to know about Demi Lovato? Been her fan for a couple of years? Love her to death? Take this quiz, and prove that you're a true Lovatic!

Are you a true Lovatic? Test your knowledge skills about Demi Lovato with this quiz. If you're considered a true Lovatic at the end, you have definite bragging rights.

Created by: Brittany Lovato
  1. Where was Demi born?
  2. What movie gave Demi her "big break"?
  3. What is the name of Demi's second album?
  4. What competition TV show was Demi a judge on for two seasons?
  5. What are the names of Demi's sisters?
  6. What was the first single off of Demi's fourth album, Demi?
  7. Who did Demi play on Glee?
  8. How many tattoos does Demi have as of early 2014?
  9. When is Demi's birthday?
  10. When did Demi release one of biggest hits, Skyscraper?
  11. When did Demi get released from Timberline Knolls?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true Lovatic?