Are You The Number One Lovatic Fan?!

There are so many Lovatic fans out there. I'm pretty sure all of you love and know everything about Demi Lovato. Even if you don't know EVERYTHING about Demi doesn't mean you can't love her! :)

But... Are you the biggest Lovatic fan?? We'll there's only one way to find out... By taking this quiz you'll find out if your a Lovatic, not a Lovatic, or if your a TRUE Lovatic!! So have fun and good luck!! :D.

Created by: Micaela
  1. How Old Was Demi Lovato When She Was In Barney?
  2. How Old Was Demi When She Became Selena Gomez's Best Friend?
  3. How Old was Demi When She Learned Guitar?
  4. How Old Was Demi When She Was In Camp Rock 1?
  5. Is Demi's Younger Sister A Half Sister Or A Full Sister?
  6. What Was Demi's Mom Famous For?
  7. What Show Was Demi's Boyfriend Codey Linley In?
  8. When Was Demi's First Album Released?
  9. Did Demi Ever Go Out With Miley Cyrus's Brother Tray Cyrus?
  10. Who Broke Up With Who?
  11. What Did Demi And Selena Say What They Always Wanted To Do Together Behind Scenes Of Princess Protection Program?
  12. When Did Demi Shoot Her First Music Video?
  13. What Was The Name Of The Song Demi Made After Shooting The Camp Rock Movie?
  14. What's Demi's Real Name?
  15. What Is Demi's Favorite Food?
  16. What Are Dem's Favorite Color?
  17. What Are Dem's Favorite Color?
  18. What Did Demi And Selena Say Their Fave Song Was Together?
  19. Which Song Does Demi Love?
  20. When Did Demi Perform At The Del Mar Fair In 2012?
  21. When Is Demi's Birthday?
  22. Which Member In One Direction Had A Thing For Demi?
  23. A Long Time Ago Demi Stated In A Magazine Her Favorite Number Is...
  24. What Are The Two Tattoos Demi Has On Her Arms?
  25. Is Demi And Selena Still Best Friends?
  26. What Is Demi's Favorite Movie?
  27. What Role Did Demi Play In Barney And Friends?
  28. When Demi Was In School Her Teacher Over Heard Her Talking About Her Crush Then Pointed At Demi And Said She Likes You... What Did Demi Do?
  29. What Drink Helps Demi Perform?
  30. They Say Demi Lovato Turned Down A Member In One Direction... Which member Was It?
  31. Which Demi Song Is Very Personal And True?
  32. What Is Demi's Fave Desert?
  33. What Is demi Lovatos Favorite Ice Cream?
  34. What Year And Date Did Demi Lovato Feature In The Jonas Brothers Concert?

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Quiz topic: Am I The Number One Lovatic Fan?!