Are you a lovatic?

Sorry but ur way off There's always next time you will get there just keep your hopes up! Because everything turns out in the end I promise, this has a word limi and it sucks

Wow ur half way! Well I think I snuck at all maths, hahhahha anyways ur in the middle not bad, ur so close tho u should be able to like touch the next level

Created by: Rachel
  1. What is Demi's real name
  2. What song is this? You never know what you want and you never know what you need but I start to go insane every time you look at me
  3. What's her twitter name
  4. Why did she get stay strong tattooed on her wrist
  5. What did diseny channel do? To make Demi tweet such aweful things to Shake it up stars: Bella Thorne & Zendayna ?
  6. When did demi & Jo Jonas make a wave record
  7. Who Is Demi's mother
  8. What age did demi start playing the piano
  9. WhAt song is this lyric from... Your not work the time that this is taking
  10. What was demi cast in 2008
  11. Demi has been sober for ?
  12. What is Demi's favourite band
  13. What is Demi's fav tattoo on her self
  14. What colour in clothes did demi go threw a phase of
  15. What age did demi first self harm at

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Quiz topic: Am I a lovatic?