Are you the ultimate Demi lovato fan?

Find out if you are the ultimate lovatic!!!!!!!!! Words cannot describe how awesome us lovatics are let alone an ultimate fan? Find out here in this quiz

Are YOU an ultimate lovatic ??!?!?! Find out here in this amaze quiz !!! I know you can do it, I am an ultimate lovatic are you??? I know you can do it

Created by: Viviana
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How old is Demi?
  2. Who is Demi's boyfriend?
  3. What is Demi's dogs name ?
  4. Which Is a Demi song?
  5. Which is the name of Demi's fan base
  6. How many albums does she have? (2015)
  7. Does Demi curse (say bad words)
  8. What is her Instagram name?
  9. How many sisters does she have?
  10. Do you like Demi?

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Quiz topic: Am I the ultimate Demi lovato fan?