Do you know Ariana Grande well?

This quiz is about the talented, beautiful, and one of the most talked about artists on the planet, Ariana Grande!!! Take this quiz to see how well you know my and plenty of others' favourite artist! See if you barely know her to whether you could be Ari's bestie!

Obviously just do your best, and even if your results might seem a little judgmental, I'm not really judging you. After all, you can learn all about the amazing Ariana Grande-Butera in her music videos, interviews and reading about her. Good luck!

Created by: Weirdo
  1. When and where was she born?
  2. What Broadway production did she star in?
  3. Who are her parents?
  4. Which best friend of Ariana's has she known since childhood?
  5. Who did she play on Victorious and Sam & Cat?
  6. What does she call her grandmother?
  7. Which of these songs is not on her album, Yours Truly?
  8. What was Ari's first #1 song on Billboard?
  9. Which of these artists has Ariana NOT collaborated with?
  10. What was her second album called?
  11. How many songs does Dangerous Woman have? (Not the deluxe version)
  12. Who is Ariana's 'wife'?
  13. Which boyfriend was she engaged to?
  14. What is her favourite song from Sweetener?
  15. What is Ariana's favourite fruit?
  16. In 2015, footage was leaked of Ariana licking a ______ at a ___________ with her then boyfriend, ___________. (Fill in the blank)
  17. Is Ariana a vegan or vegetarian?
  18. What colour has she not dyed her hair?
  19. When was her dog, Toulouse, born?
  20. What are her 5 most viewed music videos on YouTube, as of 2019? (In order)
  21. Which music video of Ari's broke YouTube's record for most streamed video in 24 hours?
  22. When did My Everything come out?
  23. When did Ariana get Ophelia?
  24. What is her brother's name?
  25. What was the tour name for her first album, Yours Truly?
  26. What is the 3rd track of Grande's album, My Everything?
  27. What was the benefit concert called, organized by Ariana Grande, after the terrorist attack at her concert in Manchester?
  28. Who is Ariana's favourite artist?
  29. Ariana is _________
  30. What used to be (possibly still is) the reason she wore a ponytail or half up-half down ponytail while performing or at an event?
  31. How many people have more Instagram followers then she? (This is March 2019)
  32. Does Grande suffer from any of these?
  33. When did her grandfather, Frank Grande, pass away?
  34. Has Ariana appeared on Jimmy Fallon?
  35. Does she love to eat healthy?
  36. Which Fifth Harmony is Ariana closest to? (2019)
  37. What Grammy did she win in 2018? (Sorry if I got the categories mixed up)
  38. How many singles does Yours Truly have?
  39. What are her hobbies? (Outside of singing/music)
  40. How many studio albums does Ariana Grande have? (As of 2019)

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Quiz topic: Do I know Ariana Grande well?