How good do you know Ariana Grande?

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A singer and an actress! One of the most famous humans in the world! Ariana grande! Everybody knows her! So do the quiz to find out fan things about her.

Let’s see how good YOU know her! Take the quiz too find out! Good luck! There are 7 questions for you to answer about Ariana Grande! So are you her biggest fan....?!

Created by: Elle

  1. What is her favorite color?
  2. What is her favorite food?
  3. Which of this songs is NOT from Ariana?
  4. Which is her favorite animal?
  5. She likes more sweet or salty food?
  6. She likes country or pop music more?
  7. She likes Harry Potter or not?
  8. What is her net worth?
  9. Which is her “lucky number”?
  10. How much do you like Ariana grande?

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Quiz topic: How good do I know Ariana Grande?